2019 Wight Two Day Trial Update

2 months ago • 19/3/2019Posted by Wayne Brodie

Firstly a reminder that entries for the 2019 Wight Two Day Trial (27th & 28th April) is limited to a strict 150 riders and will close on Friday 19th April - or earlier if the limit is reached before then (there are 117 confirmed riders, as of 19/03/19) Only 33 places left!..... Even if the limit is not reached, entries close and WILL NOT be accepted after 19th April - NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted!..... There are just short of five weeks (maximum) left for the paperwork to arrive - This also applies to all IOWMCC members..... There has been a change in the route marking - which affects Expert & Beginners only: Experts will now follow Red/Blue with GREEN deviations and Beginners will follow WHITE only. The Reg’s have been updated and notices will be clearly displayed at signing on..... Those riders opting for course A (roadwork) will leave the opening group, ride 1 lap at the away group then return to the opening group for 2 laps there, again the Reg’s have been updated accordingly..... We are pleased to announce that the details for the Red Funnel Ferry discount have now been finalised. Please note the discount is available on their Off Peak sailings only. Please email/message the Meeting Sec for more info..... The IOWMCC (like almost every other UK trials club) continues to struggle to attract enough Observers. All Observers will receive a £10 cash payment towards their expenses. There will also be an ‘Observer raffle’ with four x £25 prizes – on each day. Please get in touch with Wayne Brodie (meeting sec) if you are able to help. All the contact details are available in the Reg’s, available from the ‘FORMS’ section of this website.