2020 Pat Death Summer Series, Final round.

4 months ago • 1/8/2020Posted by Wayne Brodie

The Final round of the IOWMCC’s 2020 Pat Death Summer Series Trials Championship will take place on Sunday 9th August. All Championship classes will be settled at Limerstone Farm!.... There will be, potentially, some nail biting moments, particularly in the Intermediate, Over 50’s, Clubman and Youth Expert classes – where several riders are still in contention, despite the short 3 series Championship format..... Entries open online, via the ACU website on Monday at 8am. The full details are available in the EVENTS section of the website. Or by copying and pasting the following link into your web brouser. You will be redirected to the ACU's event entry page for this trial:.... https://www.acu.org.uk/events/August-2020/Isle-of-Wight-MCC-Ltd-341/Trials/Limerstone-Farm-Brighstone-Isle-of-Wight-ACU59420.aspx ..... Entries will close on Saturday 8th August at 8pm..... Three important points that you need to know: 1) During the current pandemic, it is not permissible for riders to move up in class. Under normal circumstances this would be allowed - but until further notice, entries will only be accepted at riders pre-Covid riding class..... 2) All riders, including Adults must wear gloves..... 3) Riders should, where possible, provide their own pen - this is to record the scores of your group on any un-observed sections. If you would like to make a cash donation towards the Observer Expenses Scheme – please place it in the pot, as before. It will remain in quarantine for at least 72 hours before being handled..... And a reminder that the Club now has an Automated External Defibrillator - this will be available at all Club events from now on & will normally be kept at the signing on van. Hopefully we should never need to use it - but you know where it is if needed. Cheers.