2021 Winter Series Trials Championship

2 years ago • 29/12/2020Posted by Wayne Brodie

The 2021 Winter Series Trials Championship gets underway on Sunday 3rd Jan with The New Year Shield at Sweetwater Brook. Make a note of the later than usual start time of 12:30. Please do not arrive before 11:45. Online entry is now open - Simply copy & paste the following link into your web browser – you will be redirected to the ACU’s online entry page for this trial:


To qualify for an award Adult riders will need to finish 7 of the 11 rounds (with 10 rounds to count). If we are forced to cancel any trials due to Covid-19 restrictions then the qualifying criteria will be adjusted accordingly.

We have added a new rider class for 2021: ‘Clubman C’ This class is intended to assist Adult D route riders to move up to the C route. It will consist of a 50/50 mix of D & C routes. Riders to ride ‘D’ route on the odd numbered sections: 1,3,5 & 7 and ‘C’ route on even numbered sections: 2,4,6 & 8. We will see what the take up is & review at the end of the year.