Covid-19 Club Update

6 months ago • 30/4/2020Posted by Wayne Brodie

Hi all – latest Club update:.... I am increasingly being contacted by Club members asking when we will be able to resume club activities and what changes/precautions will need to be adopted when we do start running trials again..... Unfortunately I cannot give a ‘restart date’ at this time – only to say we will restart just as soon as the UK Government, ACU Rugby and Southern Centre ACU give us the green light..... I think the Committee will need to meet asap after the lifting of restrictions before our first trial to consider how we proceed..... As for the mechanics on how we resume – I personally think that the current signing on regime will almost certainly require changing. It is obvious that ‘social distancing measures’ will need to continue for some time after any lifting of lockdown restrictions..... The easiest way to achieve this would be to only accept entries online via the ACU website. This would prevent the usual (some-times) chaotic huddle at the signing on van & removes the need for anyone to handle cash..... Riders would still need to sign on at the trial, but this would be much more orderly & easier to manage as just a signature would be required. Hand sanitiser could be provided for use immediately before and Immediately after signing on..... Unfortunately there would be no option for riders to enter the trial on the day..... Something that will need more thought would be how do we pay Observers their expenses payment – possibly Bacs transfer? And how do we accept donations from riders towards observers expenses – I guess we could still accept cash donations in the collection tub, as riders sign on – then simply not handle it for a week? Apparently the virus can only live on surfaces for a matter of days..... These are just a few of the many things that the Committee will need to consider before restarting. But we have to wait for directives from ACU before we can do anything meaningful..... If you want to take part in the pre-meeting debate to air your views and/or to make your suggestions - then please feel free to comment below or contact any Committee member..... Cheers.