IOWMCC Trials Covid-19 Update

9 months ago • 18/10/2020Posted by Wayne Brodie

Hi all, Some Updates concerning all IOWMCC Trials..... Riders, Observers & Spectators, please read this important announcement..... 1) Following the latest UK Government’s announcement regarding ‘The Rule of Six’ we are now obliged to submit a full Covid-19 Risk Assessment, the relevant ACU Permit & Supplementary Regulations to both The Isle of Wight Council (Environmental Health) and The Island’s Police Authority..... As I understand it - this is all about any further restrictions that may be introduced following any subsequent ‘local lockdowns’..... The Club will need to submit this paperwork for all trials, until further notice..... There is a possibility we could receive a visit at this and/or future trials by Environmental Health Officers and/or our local Police - to double check we are behaving responsibly during Covid-19..... It is really important that we keep up the social distancing rules etc - or we risk being shut down! It would be almost impossible to get further permits, during Covid, if that were to happen!.... 2) Restrictions on Riders looking to move up in class have now been removed..... 3) We are now permitted to allow some spectators at our trials – but they must remain in groups of 6 or less & agree to submit their contact details. This is to comply with ‘The Rule of Six’ and to allow for effective Track & Trace follow up’s - should they ever be needed..... Riders contact details are already recorded as part of the online entry process..... So despite a few more hoops to jump through - we can still (for now at least) continue to enjoy (safely) the sport we all love..... STAY ALERT, KEEP UR FEET UP & GO HOME HAPPY!.... Don’t forget entries open at 8am, on Monday (19th Oct) for The Ted Phillips Cup Trial at Sweetwater Brook. You must enter online via The ACU’s online entry system. Entry closes at 8pm on Saturday 24th October. No late entries can be accepted..... Simply copy and paste the following link into your web browser, you will be redirected to the ACU’s entry page for this trial: