Membership Reminder

7 months ago • 30/12/2019Posted by Wayne Brodie

I have been asked to remind everyone that the 2020 Club Subscriptions are now due. Memberships are £10 per adult and £5 for youth’s (under 16yrs)..... There are a good number of members still to renew – please understand you MUST pay your subs before you can ride in 2020..... You can renew either by contacting Geoff Taylor or when signing on. You must also have renewed your ACU Trials Registrations before you can ride - or you will be required to pay a further £3 for a day license..... A reminder also to everyone that the Club Trial Entry Fee is now £15 for an adult, £5 for under 16’s. Worse-case scenario at signing on: Is an adult renewing membership (£10), buying a day license (£3) with trial entry (£15), £28 in total!