News following Wednesday's Committee Meeting

7 months ago • 13/3/2020Posted by Wayne Brodie

CLUB NEWS, following yesterday evening’s Committee Meeting: Firstly, the worrying Covid 19 (Coronavirus) continues to become more widespread throughout the UK. There is a very real possibility that Club activities could be disrupted!.... The Clubs policy is - business as usual, until either the UK Government or the ACU inform us otherwise..... 2) The trial originally planned for March 29th has now been rescheduled to Sunday April 12th..... 3) We will very shortly be in a position to place the order for the Automated External Defibrillator. Once the order has been placed there is a 2 to 4 week lead time until we get it – we are hopeful to have taken delivery in time for the 2020 Two Day Trial..... As part of the package comes a training session on its use (for up to 12 people). If you are interested in this training then please get in touch..... As most of you will know, these life saving devices are designed to be operated by anyone, even without any training – it tells us what to do & when to do it! However, as with most things, the more familiar with something we are - the easier things become..... 4) The Committee has been approached (several times) with the suggestion to run a 3 stage time trial. I can confirm this has now been approved. The date has been set for August 16th and it will incorporate Nigel’s Memorial Trial. There will be a free BBQ, etc included. Stuart Gummer and Andy Scott-Jackson will be setting out. All the details, including the venue, will be available nearer the time..... 5) As a bit of an experiment, we will be offering ACU online entry, for this year’s Summer Series Championship Trials. Depending on how this works out, a decision, will be taken as to whether to roll this out for all Club trials or not.