News from 2019 AGM

9 months ago • 14/11/2019Posted by Wayne Brodie

News form last night’s AGM..... You can read the Secretary’s Report for 2019 by clicking on the 'FORMS' tab and selecting '2019 Secretary's Report'..... Most of last year’s Committee have been re-elected - with the exception of Mark Coombes and Scott Milton who both decided to stand down. The Social Secretary position (awards night organiser) remains vacant. The full list of the current Committee can be found in the ‘Forms’ section of the Club website..... Chris Stay was voted as 2019 Club Member of the year..... Due to rising costs, The Committee, will be looking into increasing the cost of entering Club trials..... AGM voted (in principle) for the Committee to purchase an Automatic External Defibrillator should it decide to do so. There is more work needed before any such proposal is actually put forward to Committee including maintenance costs - and as a possible alternative, the cost of having The St John’s Ambulance present at every trial. I hope to have all this info to present at the December meeting. Please get in touch with me (Wayne Brodie) if you have any questions/comments on this subject..... After AGM there was an opportunity for an ‘open forum’ discussion where members could suggest ideas. This was dominated by a single issue..... Do we have too many Rider Classes? A lengthy discussion then followed. This subject has been discussed at an earlier Committee meeting but remained unresolved. There were several ideas suggested – but no clear consensus on the way forward. What do you think?..... The only thing set in stone (by the ACU) is that Youth riders are not permitted to compete against Adult riders..... Please get in touch with any Committee member if you want any further info – or if you feel the Club does have too many different classes. If there is no real support for change then it need not take up the Committee’s time. But if there is a genuine belief that we need to change then time will be made..... Any such changes would need to be put in place before the start of the 2020 Club Championship – so there’s not much time, only one Committee meeting before then!