Notice of changes to the winter series championship classifications

2 months ago • 13/3/2022Posted by Wayne Brodie

Notice of changes to The Winter Series Championship classifications:

There will be 2 new Championship classes created: ‘Open C Route’ and ‘Open B Route’. These new classes will be open to any adult rider, of any ability, on any machine and will both be available from the next Club trial. (The Medina Cup, March 27th). The qualifying criteria for an award will differ from the existing classes. There are 9 rounds remaining in this year’s winter series championship and therefore riders will need to complete a minimum of 5 rounds (in the same class) with the best 8 rounds to count. The qualifying criteria will then be the same as all the other classes at the start of the 2023 season.

From the end of the 2022 Winter Series Championship, the following rules will be implemented. The idea here is to help encourage riders to progress up through the classes, whilst also providing Championship classes for riders moving back down. Winter Series Championship winners from the Adult Easy, Novice, Twin Shock and Intermediate classes will be required to move class. (There are currently no changes proposed for the Youth classes).

The Adult Easy winner has the choice to move up into Clubman C (a 50/50 mix of D & C routes) or straight up into the Novice’s (C route). If the rider wishes to remain on the D route, then he/she should enter the Non-Championship Sportsman class.

The Novice and Twin Shock winners have the choice of moving up to Clubman (50/50 mix of C & B routes), straight into the Intermediates (B Route) or if the rider(s) wish to remain on the C route then there is the new Open C Route.

The Intermediate winner will have the choice of moving up to Expert (A route) or the (age dependant) Over 50’s (B Route) or the new, Open B Route. All riders still have the option of riding the Non-Championship, Sportsman class.

If you have any questions or any concerns regarding any of the above – please contact a committee member asap.