Pat Death Summer Series, Final Round

5 months ago • 17/7/2018Posted by Wayne Brodie

The final round of this year's Pat Death Summer Series Championship will be held on Sunday 22nd July at Hawthorn Manor Farm, Chale, courtesy of Mr Fred Colson. The usual start time of 12 noon applies. Signing on from 11 am..... With the current 'heatwave' set to continue (with even higher daytime temperatures to come) please make sure you bring plenty of water/squash etc to drink...... There will be FREE bottled water available throughout the day from the signing on van. It may not be particularly cold (warm water is not the most pleasant thing to have to drink) but it will prevent you from dehydrating. It's FREE - please make sure I don't have to take any home with me - or have to call 999 for someone suffering with heat exhaustion!..... We have to thank the people that gave up part of their weekend to clear the overgrowth at Hawthorn - allowing the trial to take place!..... In no particular order: Simon Newnham, Malcolm Hawkins, Jason Preece, Steve Chase, Mark Coombes, Robert Baker and Andy Ryall - Excellent effort by all of them, very well done guys. See you all there?