Two Day Observer Training/Refresher Sessions

4 weeks ago • 8/6/2022Posted by John Coombes

Two Day Trial Observer Training

Yes, it’s that time of year again! We only have 4 trials before the Two Day Trial kicks off in September.

All Isle of Wight based entrants are required to nominate an observer or helper but if we are short of observers those who have not made a nomination face going into “THE BALLOT”.

Some of you may already be sorted with a seasoned observer but for those who could be nominating a beginner, novice or someone who needs a refresher, we can offer training.

Indeed, this also applies to anyone else who may be interested in learning, observing or needing a refresher. You don’t need a nomination to be part of this great event; just put your name forward.

Please contact me, John Coombes on 07541 043018 now so that we can arrange this training in the 4 remaining trials before the big event in September.