A year ago • 8/5/2019Posted by Wayne Brodie

The Club is seeking Members to fill the following vacancies: Secretary of The Meeting, Program Editor & Results Compiler for the 2020 Wight Two Day Trial..... If you are interested in one or more of the above roles or you want more information then please speak to any Committee Member..... It is vital we fill these positions asap so work can begin on ensuring another successful Two Day Trial..... There will be full support and advice available, if needed..... The Meeting Sec is basically the point of contact for all inquiries, checking the riders & their machines eligibility etc..... The Program Ed is self explanatory - compiling the content. The physical printing & assembly could be out sourced or shared around..... The Compiling of the Results (depending on how many riders) can be time consuming & does require some patience, you will need a good level of concentration..... Please get in touch if you are interested in helping to organise & deliver one of the biggest trials on the South Coast.