2023 A.G.M. Report

7 months ago • 9/11/2023Posted by Wayne Brodie

I would like to give a bit of an update following yesterday's A.G.M. for those that weren't able to attend.

For those that did attend, thank you for coming along, it was great to see you all. I was at a disadvantage yesterday - as I was not expecting to chair the meeting & therefore not really prepared! My apologies if parts of the meeting seemed slightly disjointed in places.

A copy of the Club Secretary's report for 2023 & a list of the current Committee it is available from the 'FORMS' section of this website.

John Coombes was voted Clubman of the year - in recognition for all his efforts in managing the Wight Two Day Trial & for his work around the Social Sub Committee.

John tells me he's just an 'ideas man' I couldn't disagree more!

Yes, he has lots of ideas - some work & inevitably some don't - but John is very passionate to give 'something' back to the club & help us progress.

He's fantastic at bringing people together to achieve the best outcomes. Many congratulations to John who is a very worthy recipient indeed.

Rachael Brodie stepped down as Club Secretary and Minutes Secretary after a full 16 years in post. Rachael was thanked for putting up with literally hundreds of hours recording the committee discussions during that time! Rachael was presented with a bouquet of flowers & a gift voucher from the Club.

Kate Baker has now taken on both of those roles & I'm sure Kate will also be very successful in herding the cats!

Leighanne & Rob baker were voted onto the committee membership.

There were no nominations for the vacant post of Press Secretary during the meeting - but since then, I'm happy to say that I have been contacted by an existing committee member who is keen to give it a go. More details to follow soon.

There were initially 4 names put forward for Club President. After some discussion 2 of those names were formally nominated & a vote was held. The successful candidate & the new (Hon) President is Wayne Brodie. I would like to say it is such an honour to hold this position. No one could ever fill the shoes of Roy Groves - but I hope I will be able to uphold many of Roy's values & do the job in a manner with which he would approve.

Wayne Brodie.