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Pat Death summer series…

East view farm Roud

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The next event is in8days:

An event inspired by the 80's TV show - Kickstart. There's just 3 classes & 2 routes. Adult A -…

Kickstart 2024

The IOWMCC are running "Kickstart" on Sunday 26th May. For those who have not heard of this type of event, it…

3 days ago • 14/5/2024Read more


First shout out from the social committee for the Kickstart event. We require 10 empty 45 gallon barrels in…

3 days ago • 14/5/2024Read more

Digital Scoring System Feedback.

Hi all, firstly I would like to thank all 8 volunteers who turned out to help us with the new system - you Guys &…

4 days ago • 13/5/2024Read more
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