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2021 Pat Death Summer…

Knighton Pit

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The next event is in6days:

The Annual Big Hobbler, Nigel Crouch Memorial Trial will take pace at Blackgang. Keep an eye on this page for…

2021 BigHobbler, Nigel Crouch Memorial Trial

Entries for The 2021 Bighobbler, Nigel Crouch Memorial Trial (8th August) open on Monday at 8am. We are opening it now…

4 weeks ago • 3/7/2021Read more

2021 Wight Two Day Trial - Entry Full

We always hoped for a good entry – but on the back of a global pandemic it was never certain how people would respond.…

2 months ago • 14/6/2021Read more

2021 Wight Two Day Announcement

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The Isle Of Wight Motorcycle Club are pleased to announce that…

2 months ago • 3/6/2021Read more
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