The Frank Pragnell Cup:

Bembridge Down, Courtesy of Mr Rob Taylor

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Bembridge Down played host to the Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club on Sunday 1st October for the Frank Pragnell Cup. The Club would like to thank Mr. Rob Taylor for welcoming us back for the use of this stunning venue. Very many thanks also to Geoff Taylor and Rory Stephens who braved the rain on the Saturday to clear the way and set eight superb sections, the all-important Observers and Viki Taylor, Club Photographer, who battled constantly with the very poor light conditions but still managed to produce some great images – Top effort by all. The riders managed to complete almost two laps before the rain began falling on the chalky down land, despite the challenging conditions, the sections held up remarkably well and provided the riders with an excellent trial.

Will West led the way in the Expert class with an excellent performance to finish with the lowest score of the day - just eight dropped marks. James Stay recorded a ‘dream’ final lap, adding only a single mark to his total helping to secure a solid second place from Jim West in third. Jos Wright (Youth Expert rider) deserves a mention at this point – Jos tackled the exact same route as his adult counterparts on the very tricky Expert course. He had a mixed day and was disappointed with his score - but top marks to him for what was a valiant effort, braver than most of us! However the day ultimately belonged to Simon Newnham, who with today’s fourth place finish earned himself the 2017 Winter Series Expert Championship. Simon consistently posted solid performances - particularly during the first half of the year to take the Club Expert title - very many congratulations on what is a great achievement.

Meanwhile, the Intermediate class produced another clear winner, this time it was Ben Read - who finished fifteen marks ahead of Alan Gosden for the top spot. Andy Scott-Jackson manged to hold off a strong challenge from Shaun Harris to seal his third place finish. Course setter, Geoff Taylor was going well until an unfortunate but spectacular crash on section seven forced him to retire. Thankfully Geoff and his bike suffered no lasting damage. Scott Milton (Clubman class) was also forced, reluctantly, to retire after his clutch lever snapped clean in half whilst attempting that difficult seventh section.

The very well contested Novice class of riders provided the closest contest of the day. Ben Brodie and Phil Chase’s scores were tied after the four laps of eight sections. Ben was awarded the win notching up just one more clean than Phil – very well done to both riders. Third place went to Paul Kent who forced Brian Brockwell into fourth, with a four mark cushion. Dan Flux should be very pleased with his fifth place finish, this being his first attempt on the more difficult C route following his step up from the Beginner class – very well done Dan.

The Club next meet, towards the end of this month, for the Ted Phillips Cup on Sunday 22nd of October. Start time of 12 noon applies. All the details will be available from the Club website: once finalised.


The Medina Cup:

Shorwell Chalk Pit

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club held The Medina Cup Trial (the eighth round of the 2017 Winter Trials Championship) on Sunday 24th September at Shorwell Chalk Pit. The Club would like to thank Mr. Ralph Cook for welcoming us back to what is a brilliant trials venue. Thanks also to Mark Coombes - who set eight excellent and challenging sections. As well as the usual four routes, Mark was responsible for adding some ‘near British Championship’ standard deviations. If that wasn’t enough he also manged to organise all the Observers, their chairs and even a packed lunch for all of them. Top effort Mark – you can come again! Scott Milton added some rather sweet treats to the Observers lunch box’s to help keep them going through the afternoon – great idea Scott. Very special thanks to all eight Observers who kindly gave up their time that helped to keep the trial running smoothly, especially the younger contingent: Annalise Coombes, Ella Stay and Oliver Salter – all were very much appreciated. We were also pleased to see Nigel Crouch, who was on hand to offer his support to all the riders.

The super hard route was added to help Club rider, Chris Stay, in his preparations for next weekend. Chris will be taking part in the final two rounds of the 2017 British Trials Championship. He will be travelling up to Scotland, competing in the Expert class. In his first full season back on his bike, he has made an incredible journey that has led to some top sponsorship deals from the TRS UK Trials Team and BVM Moto. Chris completed today’s trial for a loss of forty-two, He was accompanied by George Gosden - between them they provided us all with some excellent spectating. On behalf of everyone at the IOWmcc, I would like to wish Chris all the very best for the coming weekend and we all look forward to seeing him progress even further up the rankings during the 2018 Championship.

The Expert class attracted five riders, headed up by brothers Will and Jim West. Will took the top spot with the second lowest total of the day, a miserly eleven dropped marks. Jim finished in second place with James Stay just holding out for third. Rob Howard was forced to settle for fourth, just one more mark adrift. Championship leader, Simon Newnham finished fifth to earn himself another crucial three points. Meanwhile in the Intermediate class it was Ben Read that stole the show from Shaun Harris in second. Shaun was probably a bit jet lagged after only arriving back in the UK at midnight the night before! Geoff Taylor was forced to retire after just three sections following a gearbox problem.

Scott Milton, the lone Clubman rider, completed the day with a total of thirteen. An excellent performance from him. Brian Brockwell seems to have blown away the cobwebs taking the win in the Novice class. Ben Brodie must be happy with his performance, to finish second, just three more marks behind. Phil Chase took the third place, another three behind. Twin Shock specialist Nick Symes, despite riding unopposed, recorded the lowest total this afternoon with only six dropped marks – very well done Nick.

The Club welcomed a guest rider, Alex Russell, who was taking part in the Pre65 class. He managed the tricky sections for a loss of just twelve. We hope he enjoyed his time on the Island and we look forward to seeing him again in the future. Mike Attrill was the only finisher (in a field of four) in the Adult Beginners. Mike completed the day for a loss of twenty-nine to claim the ten Championship points. Just two Youth riders today – Jos Wright (Youth Expert) and Alfie Haydon (Youth Novice) both took on the rocky sections well to take the maximum Championship points in their respective classes – very well done lads, keep up the good work.

The Club meet again, next weekend, for the Frank Pragnell Cup at Bembridge Down, courtesy of Mr. Rob Taylor. Geoff Taylor and Rory Stephens will be setting the course. Access/parking will be via the top entrance, off Culver Down. The usual start time of 12 noon applies. Observers will be very much welcomed!


The GES Cup:

Sweetwater Brook, courtesy of Mr Trevor Strickland.

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club’s Winter Series Trials Championship resumed on Sunday 3rd September at Sweetwater Brook, Calbourne. The Club would like to thank Mr Trevor Strickland for not only welcoming us back to this superb venue but also for clearing the eight foot high (in places) undergrowth – very much appreciated. Thanks also to Calvin and Jos Wright for setting six excellent sections, at very short notice – great effort guys.

The weather conditions were quite fitting for the start of the second half of the Winter Series - cold, windy and very wet! Rider numbers were lower than expected but considering the conditions and being the last weekend of the Summer holidays, somewhat understandable.

Just two Experts in action this afternoon. James Stay and Simon Newnham. It was really good to see Simon Newnham back after the Summer break – but it was James who recorded his first Expert class win since his return to trials competition. James managed the slippery conditions well to finish with a total of just sixteen marks. Simon, no doubt a bit rusty, finished not too far behind to claim a good second place. The Intermediate class saw a convincing win from Alan Gosden who also handled the tricky conditions well to complete the trial with the second lowest score of the day. Geoff Taylor took second spot, Geoff seemed to struggle on section five, where he lost more than half of his total.

The well contested Novice class provided the closest battle of the day between Ben Brodie and Paul Kent. Ben eventually emerged as the winner with a two-mark advantage from Paul, section six proving pivotal. Brian Brockwell held off a good challenge from Phil Chase to claim the third place. Nick Symes was the only Twin Shock rider, despite riding unopposed he managed to finish with the lowest total of the day, loosing only six marks – very well done Nick, great effort. Joe Taylor and Dan Flux finished first and second in the Adult Beginner’s. Joe’s riding has improved markedly since switching from a two to a four stroke machine. Dan’s confidence also continues to improve with every outing. Gary Jones was frustrated with his bike, that simply refused to start - eventually it burst back into life but only well after the trial had started. Dan then, understandably, decided to treat this afternoon as a practice session only.

Only two Youth riders braved the wet Sweetwater conditions; Jos Wright (Youth Expert) and young Alfie Haydon, Youth Novice. Jos was also largely responsible for plotting the Expert route and finished with a very competitive total. Alfie has only recently moved up from the beginner’s and he also should be very pleased with his performance. Both riders did very well to earn their respective ten Championship points – excellent effort lads.

The Club next meet on Sunday 24th September for the Medina Cup. The venue is still to be announced, please check the Club website: nearer the time for the full details.


2017 Pat Death Summer Series Championship Final Standings:

Shorwell Chalk Pit, Arreton Down, Limerstone Farm and Lee Copse

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Very many thanks to the Landowners who trusted the Club with their land: Ralph Cook, A.Brown Farms, Geoff and Mary Case and Ann Gustar.

Thanks also to the course setters who all gave up their time to provide the sections, the Observers and all those that helped to clear up after each trial.


Pat Death Summer Series 4th Round:

Lee Copse, Bouldnor, courtesy of Ann Gustar.

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The fourth and final round of the 2017 Pat Death Summer Series Championship was held at Lee Copse, Bouldnor, courtesy of Ann Gustar. The Club would like to thank Ann and family for welcoming us back to what is an excellent venue. We would also like to thank Mark Coombes who set eight brilliant sections, the Observers and all those that helped clean up afterwards. The Club would like to extend a warm welcome to Gary Jones who was taking part in his first ever trial. We hope he enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing him at future events.

Three Expert riders in action today, headed up by Rob Howard. Rob completed the trial for a loss of only six marks. James Stay and Jim West were involved in a very close battle for the minor placings – it was James who finished in second on fourteen with Jim just four more behind in third - sections one and three proving to make all the difference. Superb riding by all three. Both James and Jim were tied in second place for the series Championship – both with two second and one third place finish a piece - However, after applying the TSR23, B (b) rule, James Stay was awarded overall second with Jim forced to settle for third. The Expert class was won by Will West with his three wins from the previous three rounds.

The Intermediate class proved to be another very close affair this time between Shaun Harris, Malcolm Hawkins and Stuart Gummer. Shaun held his nerve to take the win, six marks ahead of Malcolm. Stuart finished in third just one more mark adrift. Both Shaun and Malcolm were tied in the overall standings before today’s ‘showdown finale’. Congratulations to Shaun who with today’s top effort, sealed his Championship win. Scott Milton, the lone Clubman rider, put in an exceptional performance to take the points and the Series title, with an excellent score of only six dropped marks.

Paul Kent was the clear winner in the very well contested Novice class from Brian Brockwell in second with Phil Chase in third. Phil Chase, however took the Novice Championship win, with a total of twenty-five from friendly rival Keith Jacobs in second with Steve Chase in third. Twin Shock specialist, Nick Symes proved to be the only competitor today in the Twin Shock class – his ten points from this afternoon’s efforts ensured his Summer Series win. Stuart Freeman did not take part today but he managed to score well in the three earlier rounds to finish second overall.

The Adult Beginner class, another well contested group of riders proved to be the closest contest of the day, just three marks between the first three! Ellie Attrill managed to keep her cool to finish the trial with the lowest score of the day – just a single lost mark. Joe Taylor finished just two more adrift to earn an excellent second place with Dan Flux just one more mark behind in third – Very well done to all three riders. Ellie also took the Summer Series win with Dad, Mike Attrill forced to settle in second place.

Two Youth competitors this afternoon, headed up by Jos Wright, Youth Expert, Jos earned himself another win to take the Series Championship – Very good effort Jos. Young Alfie Haydon, having already sealed the Championship in the Youth Beginner class chose today to have a try at the much more difficult Youth Novice route. Alfie finished with a brilliant score of sixty-seven – sounds like a big number but Alfie should be very pleased with this total.

Congratulations to all those Award winners in this year’s Pat Death Summer Series Championship.

The Club next meet on Sunday 3rd September when the main Winter Series resumes. Please keep an eye on the Club website where the full details will be available very soon, along with the full 2017 Summer Series Standings.


2017 Winter Series after 6 Rounds:

Isle of Wight, various.

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The Winter Series Standings - after 6 Rounds. Please read the notes at the top of the first page - there are 7 rounds still to go.

The Winter Series picks up again with the GES Cup, on Sunday September 3rd. The venue will be confirmed nearer the time. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Pat Death Summer Series 3rd Round:

Limerstone Farm

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The third round of this year’s Pat Death Summer Series trials Championship was held at Limerstone Farm, courtesy of Geoff and Mary Case. The Club would like to thank them for welcoming us back to this brilliant venue. We would also like to thank Scott Milton and Steve Chase for plotting eight excellent sections, the Observers, Viki Taylor – the Club’s official photographer and to all those that helped clean up.

Three Expert riders competing today, headed up by Will West who finished eighteen marks ahead of his Brother, Jim with James Stay not too far behind in third. This win has sealed the 2017 Summer Series for Will, with one round still to go – Congratulations Will, very well done. Meanwhile Ben Read convincingly took the spoils in the Intermediate class, with a twenty-nine-mark advantage from Shaun Harris in second. Stuart Gummer finished in third despite a determined effort by Andy-Scott Jackson who this time had to settle for fourth.

The well contested Novice class proved to be a much closer affair, just seven marks separating the first four, resulting in an excellent win for Phil Chase. Ben Brodie and Keith Jacobs both finished on twenty-five – Ben was awarded second place recording twenty-two cleans to Keith’s nineteen. Paul Kent was just three more adrift in fourth spot – Top riding guys. Twin Shock specialist Nick Symes dropped just eight marks to secure his second win in this year’s Summer Series, Nick just needs to finish in the final round to take the Twin Shock Championship. Stewart Freeman was going fairly well before a heavy fall on his third lap spoilt his day.

Ellie Attrill delivered a perfect performance in the Adult Beginner class to finish the trial clean. Dan and Joe Taylor’s scores were tied on six, Dan was awarded second place, having travelled furthest with the least marks lost. Graham Bayton returned from almost a year’s absence. He eased himself back on the Beginner route in the Sportsman class, finishing clean from Harrison Brown in second only seven marks adrift.

The Youth classes were headed up by Jos Wright and Harvey Greive (Youth Experts) Jos took a convincing win from Harvey, sections one and two proving to make all the difference. Meanwhile things were much closer in the Youth Beginners – just one mark separating three riders! Alfie Haydon took the win with another perfect score from Harrison Crickmore in second with Josh Morris in third. Both Harrison and Josh finished on just a single dropped mark – for the second time today we had to resort to the TSR23(e) rule to separate these two – Fantastic riding by all three young riders.

The fourth and final round of the 2017 Summer Series will take place on Sunday 20th of August at 12 noon. The venue is still to be confirmed but will be available from the Club website: nearer the time. Then we return for the second half of the 2017 Winter Series on Sunday 3rd of September.


Pat Death Summer Series 2nd Round:

Arreton Down, Courtesy of A.Brown Farms.

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The second round of this year’s Pat Death Summer Series Championship was held on Sunday 18th June at Arreton Down. The Club would like to thank A. Brown Farms for inviting us to use this new venue. Thanks also to Mike Brown and Mark Coombes for their efforts in helping to clear the ground and assisting Malcolm Hawkins to set the sections. Malcolm had spent the best part of last week preparing ground that had not been trialled for nearly thirty years! Excellent effort by him.

The riders were presented with eight very good standard sections on what proved to be the hottest day of the year so far. There was an unprecedented amount of retirements (half of the original entry) this afternoon - due to a variety of reasons, most of these however were related to the very warm conditions.

The Expert class was won by series favourite, Will West for a loss of thirty-six. Will managed to hold on for the win despite a front brake problem during the later stages of the trial. James Stay was the only other Expert finisher and took a creditable and well-earned second place – sections three and six proved to separate these two. Course setter Malcolm Hawkins was rewarded with a win in the Intermediates, finishing with a very respectable total of forty-five - despite a spectacular crash on section two, on the first lap, ending up in a rather prickly bush!

Meanwhile Scott Milton took charge of the Clubman class with a convincing win from relative newcomer Harrison Brown. Scott completed the trial for a total of just fourteen to earn himself the maximum ten Championship points. Shaun Harris was the only Sportsman rider today and finished on a total of forty-two.

The closest contest of the day was between Novice riders, Phil Chase and Keith Jacobs. These two were very evenly matched for most of the trial but it was Phil who took the spoils, just two marks ahead of Keith. Ben Brodie was not too much further behind in third – excellent effort by all three. There was just one finisher in the Twin Shock class – Stuart Freeman managed to keep his air-cooled Honda going (not sure how much cooling was taking place) to secure the win.

Just two Youth riders competing this afternoon; Young Alfie Haydon (Youth Beginner) finished with the lowest score of the day, a miserly seven dropped marks. Alfie is noticeably gaining in confidence with every outing – keep up the good work Alfie. Jos Wright also rode a blinder in the Youth Expert class totalling just thirty-five – some excellent riding Jos, very well done.

The Club next meet for the penultimate Summer Series Round on Sunday July 16th starting at 12 noon. The venue will be available from the Club website nearer the time.


Pat Death Summer Series 1st Round:

Shorwell Chalk Pit, courtesy of Mr Ralph Cook

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The first round of the 2017 Pat Death Summer Series was held on Sunday 14th May at Shorwell Chalk Pit, courtesy of Mr Ralph Cook. We would like to thank Ralph for his continued support and for welcoming us back to Shorwell. Thanks are also in order to today’s course setter, Stewart Freeman, who managed to set eight excellent sections. Very many thanks to the Observers who gave up their time to help keep things moving and to Viki Taylor for her work with the camera.

The Summer Series is basically a mini Championship consisting of four Trials held in May, June, July and August. To qualify for an award, riders must complete a minimum, three out of the four available rounds. For those who take part in all four rounds, their best three finishes will count towards the Championship. There were four new members joining us this week, the Club would like to extend a very warm welcome to Tom Hawkins, Sam Hardy, Dean Old and Dan Flux. We hope they enjoyed the trial and we look forward to seeing them back again, in the near future.

Just two Youth riders this afternoon, Jos Wright in the Youth Twin Shock and Alfie Haydon (Youth Beginner) Both riders put in really good performances despite being unopposed. Jos managed to finish ahead of most of the Adult Twin Shock riders – including his Dad! Alfie completed the trial for a loss of just a single mark – very well done to both riders. The Expert class proved to be a close contest between brothers Will and Jim West. It was Will that took the win finishing on one with Jim just four more adrift with a total of five. Mick Brown and James Stay battled it out for the minor placings – Mick just about managed to finish in third spot on twelve with James just one more behind to take fourth. James must be pleased with his performance, this being his first attempt on the Expert route – good effort.

Shaun Harris headed up the Intermediate class from Malcolm Hawkins in second and Geoff Taylor in third. Shaun’s first trial on his brand new Sherco undoubtedly helped him to take the win by a single mark from Malcolm - in what proved to be the closest contest of the day. Geoff did very well to finish just five more behind for a solid third place finish. Scott Milton found things quite lonely in the Clubman class, despite riding unopposed he recorded a very competitive score to secure another ten Championship points. John Townsend (British) and Andy Ryall (Over 50) both earned maximum points this afternoon with some great riding, both should be very pleased with their performances.

The Novice class was won by the improving Keith Jacobs who fought off a determined effort from another improving rider, Martin Moore – just three marks separating the two. Phil Chase finished comfortably ahead of brother Steve to seal his third place. Nick Symes (Twin Shock class) joined young Alfie Haydon and Will West to finish with the lowest totals of the day loosing just a single mark – it was the tricky right turn, dropping back down the banking on section two that caught him out, but an excellent ride none the less. Calvin Wright managed to grab second spot from returning Twin Shock specialist Stewart West. It was brilliant to see Stewart back riding again, hopefully we will see him out a bit more often from now on.

Another two returning riders today, Father and Daughter duo, Mike and Ellie Attrill were back in action in the Adult Beginners – Ellie had the upper hand to finish ahead of Mike who was forced to settle for third. New member, Dan Flux put in an excellent performance to finish in second spot – very well done to all three riders. Mike had of course taken part in the recent Wight Two Day 50th Anniversary Trial, in memory of his Dad Aubrey. We can now announce the winner of the new Two Day Award ‘The Malcolm Wells Award for Endeavour’ for 2017 is Nigel Crouch. Sharon Youngman was a very close second and the Club have offered Sharon a free entry for next year’s Two Day Trial – the full details are available from the Club website.

The 2nd round of the Summer Series will take place on Sunday June 18th, starting at 12 noon. The venue is still to be confirmed but will be available from the Club website nearer the time.


50th Wight Two Day, Sunday Results & Final Standings :

Bembridge & Knighton

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club held its annual Wight Two Day trial on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April. This year being the event’s 50th Anniversary, the Club were determined this be a memorable event. The first Wight Two Day took place in March 1967. There were two venues in use on both days this year and the Club would like to thank the Landowners Mr Roger Morgan for the use of Knighton and Mr Rob Taylor for Bembridge down. Very many thanks also to the course setters, who’s role was vital – the pressure was on them to build twelve good standard sections at each venue! Alan Gosden, Simon Newnham, George Gosden and Malcolm Hawkins at Knighton, with Rory Stephens and Geoff Taylor at Bembridge, assisted at both venues by Stewart Freeman and Nick Symes – excellent work.

We were always hoping for a bumper entry for this special event but could not have imagined the amazing response that saw an entry of 135 riders. Saturday’s proceedings were based at what proved to be a sun soaked Knighton pit and after the important rider’s briefing, the trial started bang on time at 11am. We were effectively running two separate trials on each day – an all ‘off road’ trial and a trial that included road work, the Club wanted to include roadwork (for some riders) as this was the original format used in 1967.

The Club organised a free social evening on the Saturday, held at Smallbrook Stadium. This proved to be a very popular addition, a chance to relax and discuss the day’s events whilst sipping some suitable beverages! The Club used this opportunity to make a rather special presentation to ACU Centre Steward, Terry Graves in recognition for all his help and support for almost all of the trials fifty-year history. There was a second presentation made to the very unsuspecting Wayne Brodie for all his efforts - both recipients were touched and very grateful. There were twenty-three different classes on offer, the intention was to be as inclusive as possible. This trial incorporated the ACU Southern Centre Championship too. Some superb riding by so many different riders – too many to mention here but there was a very special class of riders taking part this weekend, John Swaffield, Adrian Medley, Graham Baldwin and Nigel Crouch all competed in the ‘67 trial. The Original riders class was won by what must surely be the performance of the weekend, Nigel Crouch found the strength and the energy from somewhere to complete both days finishing on an amazing total of just 47 marks. Graham Baldwin managed to keep going and secured second place – excellent effort by all four riders.

Two Island riders completed the trial without loosing a single mark! Chris Stay completely dominated the Expert class, which saw a very strong mainland entry. This is thought to be the first time that an Expert rider has finished clean at a Wight Two Day. Chris did have the home advantage but this was never the less an outstanding effort from this talented home grown rider. Ross Haydon also finished the weekend with a clean sheet. Ross competed in the Twinshock, class 8, on his Fantic machine – Very well done to both. In all Island riders totted up eight first, three second and five third places finishes. The best mainland performances came from Matt Sleep (Twinshock Hard, with roadwork) Geoff Muston (class 2) Geoff Cornes (class 4) Mark Baldock (class 5) Mick Baldock (class 6) Tom Bartrum (class 7) Jack Dance (class 19) David Bathe (class 16) Nigel Brimecombe (class 17) Tom Frearson (class 20) Reece Talbot (class 21) and Max Dance in class 22.

The Club would like to finish by thanking all those that traveled from far and wide to make this an incredibly successful and memorable Golden Anniversary Wight Two Day Trial.

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