The Ted Phillips Cup:

Sweetwater Brook

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Superb trial at Sweetwater this afternoon. Very many thanks to Course Setters; John Coombes, Andy Scott-Jackson, Tristan & Harvey Osborne. Special thanks to Adrian Daish, Steve Kent & Mike Morris for their observation skills. Turning out, in not the best weather, to help ensure the trial ran smoothly - Top marks guys, another good team effort. The full report will be available here in the next few days or so.


The Frank Pragnell Cup:

Bembridge Down

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Very many thanks to Rob Taylor for allowing us the use of this stunning venue.

Thanks also to Andy Scott-Jackson & Stuart Gummer (Course Setters) Observers; Mike Morris, Viki Taylor, Martin Wallis and Steve Kent. The report will be available here soon.


2020 Winter Series Standings, after 6 rounds.:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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Championship standings after 6 rounds. There are 5 more rounds available - weather & virus restrictions permitting!

The seventh round will take place at Bembridge Down on Sunday 11th October. Your course setters will be Stuart Gummer & Andy Scott-Jackson. Entries open on Monday Oct 5th. The full details will be published over this weekend.


The GES Cup:

Duxmore Quarry

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club kicked started the 2nd half of The Club’s 2020 Winter Series Trial Championships on Sunday 20th September at Duxmore Quarry, Downend. The Club would like to thank Reynold & Reads for allowing us the use of this popular trials venue. The 8 section course was skilfully set by Jono & Ben Read, Scott Milton, Steve Chase and Emile (from Australia). Thirty-one riders turned out for a bit of escapism from our not so normal lives right now – but even here riders, observers and spectators alike were all reminded about the ‘rule of six’ and the current rules around social distancing. Spectators contact details were recorded to allow for effective ‘track & trace’ follow ups should they ever be needed.

This trial follows the easier mini Summer Series and seemed to take some riders by surprise, resulting in scores that could rival some of crickets top opening batsmen! The sections were set mainly on soil heaps and involved plenty of steep climbs followed by equally steep downhill descents to test the riders balance and control. The unusually warm September sunshine almost certainly helped test the riders fitness in the later stages of the trial.

It was great to see TRS BVM UK rider; Chris Stay attacking his super hard sections with ease. Chris is the current British Expert Solo Trials Champion and we wish him all the very best as he prepares to continue his 2020 Trial 2 campaign at Petertavy, Devon over the weekend of 3rd & 4th October – Good luck Chris. There was another sponsored rider in action at the trial; George Gosden, sponsored by Nellys Flip Flop! (I’m not kidding, that’s exactly what was on his entry form). George absolutely stole the show, riding a 40 or so year old Fantic twin shock machine as if it were a modern, tricked up and powerful mono shock bike! He, along with Chris, certainly provided some exceptional spectating throughout the afternoon.

In the Club Championships there were just two Expert riders battling for the top spot. Despite some dodgy front brake pads, it was Jack Ayres that took the win from Tom Richards. At one stage Jack was almost forced to retire as his front wheel kept locking up – but somehow he managed to finish the trial with a convincing margin of 19 marks. Meanwhile, course setter; Ben Read won the Intermediate class in some style finishing on 24, the second lowest total of the day and 28 ahead of second place finisher; Adam Morgan with Alan Gosden in third with a total of 70. The Over 50’s class was dominated by Simon Newnham, crossing the line on 47. The minor placings proved to be a much closer battle, only 8 marks separated friendly rivals, Stuart Gummer and Andy Scott-Jackson in second and third places respectively. Phil Chase was out on his own in the Clubman’s but persevered to finish the trial ensuring his maximum ten championship points.

Two competitors in the Twin Shock’s and Nick Symes proved that ‘youth & enthusiasm are no match for old age and treachery’ finishing 58 ahead of Jason Elford. To be fair Nick is an experienced Twin Shock rider and Jason has only recently returned to the sport. The closest contest of the day was provided by Novice riders; Tristan Osborne (winner) and Ben Ashcroft (2nd) just a single mark between the two. Their score sheets were checked 3 times, just to be certain no mistakes were made whilst compiling the results, following such a close finish. Superb effort by both. Mike True took the honours in the Adult Easy class with a very convincing margin of 31 from Sam Jurich. Sam in turn had a good margin of his own, 15 ahead of in third place Kevin Smith.

The Youth classes were headed up by Josh Morris (Youth Expert) ending the day with a total of 73. Looks a big score but when compared with the adults on the B route he’s right there in the mix. Alfie Gaskin (Youth Intermediate) did very well to dig in deep on the challenging Duxmore course for his maximum 10 pionts. Freddie Death secured his first winter series win in the Youth Novice class along with Ollie Elford (Youth Easy) who also earned 10 Championship marks in only his 2nd ever trial - Excellent effort by both young riders.

We would like to say a special thank you to club Photographer; Viki Taylor and the Observers; Mark Coombes, Alan Stay, Darren Taylor, Mike Morris, Jenna and Dan Locke - brilliant job.

The Club is due to meet on Sunday 11th October for The Frank Pragnell Cup. The venue and Course Setters are to be announced. Please keep an eye on the Club website or Face book group where all the details will be made available once finalised.


2020 Nigel Crouch (BigHobbler) Memorial Trial:

Blackgang, courtesy of Mr Fred Colson & Simon Newnham

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The 2020 Nigel Crouch Memorial Trial was held at Sheep Lane Farm, Blackgang, on Sunday 6th September. The event included 4 laps of 8 sections, set on the steep, rutted banks above Blackgang Chine. Also on offer was a free Club BBQ and entertainment by Reggie Balmoral, renowned solo artist, who put on a superb show to round the afternoon off nicely. Now many people were involved in making Nigel’s Memorial trial an incredible success (I won’t name them all – you all know who they are) ranging from clearing the ground, setting the sections, the organising and running of Scotty & Johnny’s Rocking Barbeque, the Observers, organising the entertainment and of course all 48 riders – fantastic club effort and it certainly proves what can be achieved when people work together. Nigel would have loved it. It was also great to see many of Nigel’s friends joining us throughout the afternoon.

Three of Nigel’s bikes were in action netting two first places and a second place. His 1967 Greeves Anglian, his 250 Ossa and what proved to be a rather stubborn Montesa 247T.

The trial, unexpectedly, needed to be postponed 2 weeks earlier - but I think this may have been a blessing in disguise - as this venue combined with the excellent weather proved to be just perfect. We would like to say a special thank you to Mr Fred Colson and Simon Newnham for allowing us to use this stunning venue, at very short notice! Brilliant hosts.

Nigel was well known for his generous and encouraging attitude to all but particularly to the younger generations – so what better a trial to make your riding debut? We extend a very warm welcome to 12 year old, Ollie Elford taking part in his first ever trial. Ollie managed to complete the 4 laps on just seventeen and to continue Nigel’s legacy he has been awarded The Nigel Crouch Memorial Cup. There is one more award to be made; Joe Henderson’s True Spirit award – if you haven’t yet seen this unusual trophy you are in for a treat! This year it goes to Paul Baldwin. Paul made the trip down from Northampton 2 weeks ago but the trial didn’t happen – it was looking doubtful if he could get back down at such short notice but in True Spirit he managed just that. Piloting Nigel’s Greeves Anglian he successfully negotiated the C course to win the British Bike Class. Many congratulations to both these award winners.

The trial was set as a bit of fun – more of a celebration event than a competitive one. However those steep banks did have a tendency to bite back! We all wish Simon Watmough a speedy recovery following his spectacular crash at the tricky section 7. Following his trip to A&E, they confirmed a broken Scapula! Jos Wright also fell victim there and was forced to retire from the trial after an unintended modification to his steering prevented him from continuing! It was great to see The 2019 British Expert Solo Trials Champion in action, making very light work of the Blackgang sections. Another rider who deserves a special mention is young Alfie Haydon – Alfie went around the ‘B’ route to finish clean, beating his dad, Ross who dropped 4 - I’m certain Alfie will be buzzing for a while yet.

Our next trial will be held at Duxmore Pit on Sunday 20th September. This will be the start of the second half of The 2020 Winter series. Hope to see you all there.


Pat Death 2020 Summer Series Final round - inc Final Standings:

Limerstone Farm

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The Club would like to thank Geoff Case for welcoming us back to this fantastic venue for the final round of this year's Pat Death Summer Series Trials Championship.

The first page details this afternoon's results and the second page covers the overall Championship Standings for the Series. These will remain as provisional for the next 5 days.

Congratualations to today's winners and the Award winners for the Series. Please be sure to read all the notes - so you fully understand what your looking at. If you think any mistakes have been made then please get in touch within the 5 days. All results will stand after then.

Calvin Wright did a brilliant job to set 6 sections - intelligently decided not to make them too challenging due to the super warm weather conditions. Just goes to show that riders can be separated without scaring them. We also want to thannk Viki Taylor (Photographer) and Observers; Jenna Locke, Kevin Smith, Darren Taylor, Mike Morris and Tara Wheeler who all stood out in the baking hot sun throughout.

The full report will be available here very soon, courtesy of Scout Gregory.


Pat Death Summer Series, 2nd Round & Summer Series Standings, after 2 Rounds:

Godshill Park Farm

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By Scout Gregory.

Round 2 of the IOWMCC's 2020 Pat Death Summer Series was held at Godshill Park Farm in Godshill, courtesy of Mr Angus Baird of whom we are very grateful to. 6 flowing sections were set out over the vast area of land, by riders Rob Howard and Scout Gregory. The sections included large hill climbs and banks which proved tricky despite the dry conditions.

Two Expert riders battled it out on the A route, Rob Howard and James Stay. Course setter Rob made light work of sections 1, 3 and 4, cleaning them every lap, but struggled to find grip on section 6 which ultimately cost him 23 marks over the 5 laps. James also put in a good performance, and with determination dropped just 15 marks on section 6, 8 fewer than Rob which ultimately gave him the win.

Five riders competed in the Intermediate class, in what was a really mixed bag of results. Ben Brodie kept his cool however to come out on top, losing just 10 marks all trial on board his TRS machine. Scout Gregory was disappointed to finish in second place on 23, after dropping just 1 mark on his first lap, Scout will be hoping he finds some more consistency next time out. Geoff Taylor had a solid ride to finish in third place on 24. In the Over 50 class, on the B route, Simon Watmo had a brilliant ride losing just 13. Simon found little difficulty finding grip on the steep grassy climbs making the sections look relatively easy. Andy Scott-Jackson also had a very good ride, claiming second place, just 1 mark behind Simon on 14. Stuart Gummer finished in third on another impressive score of just 23.

Three riders competed in the Clubman class, riding a 50/50 split of both B and C route sections, but unfortunately just two finished. Scott Miltonhad a nasty crash on section 3 which forced him to retire with a broken collar bone. We wish Scott a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the bike soon. John Coombes took top spot with an impressive score of 17, 3 marks clear of Phil Chase in second place on 20. There were two riders competing in the Novice Class which follows the C route. Joe Taylor will be pleased with his performance, dropping just 2 marks all trial, ahead of the ever improving Tristan Osborne in second place on 20.

It was a close battle all afternoon for Twin-shock riders Calvin Wright and Nick Symes, who both tied on scores of 3. Calvin was awarded first place however as he travelled furthest with the least marks lost on board his vintage Ossa. Two riders followed the D route in the Adult Easy class; Mike True and Sam Jurich. Mike managed the impressive feat of completing the trial without dropping a single mark. Sam lost 10 marks all trial, with section 1 proving tricky. In the Sportsman class, riding a mixture of C and D route sections, Steve Chase was the solo rider dropping just 3 marks on board his Beta machine.

Three riders competed in the Youth Expert class, all on board 125cc machines. Alfie Haydon was awarded first place having tied with Dan Locke on 23 as he posted more cleans than Dan throughout the trial. Josh Morris had an unusually high score of 38, as he struggled to get to grips with the steep, slippy, grass covered hillside. Alfie Gaskin was the solo rider in the Youth Intermediate class, riding a 50/50 split of both B and C route sections. Alfie lost a total of 62 marks, with sections 2, 3 and 6 proving difficult for the young rider on board his GasGas. Youth Easy class rider Freddie Death may soon consider moving up a class as he made light work of the D route. Freddie dropped just 6 marks all trial, impressive stuff!

A big thank you to all those involved with organising the trial, in particular Wayne Brodie, and course setters Rob Howard and Scout Gregory who put in a lot of effort setting out the sections at such a big venue. A massive thank you also goes out to our fantastic observers, Darren Taylor, Adrian Daish and Michael Morris, all of which kindly gave up their time for our enjoyment. The club's next trial will be on Sunday 9th August at Limerstone Farm, Calbourne. With the usual start time of 12 noon.


Championship standings - so far:

Isle of Wight

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Entry opens tomorrow morning (20/07/20 at 8am) for the 2nd round of The 2020 Pat Death Summer Series Trials Championship (On Sunday 26th July) and closes on Saturday 25/07/20 at 8pm.

The details of the current Standings, so far, for both the 2020 Summer Series and the 2020 Winter Series Championships.

Please be sure to read the award qualifiying critera for both Championships.

If you spot any mistakes or have any questions then please get in touch - we are more than happy to double check the results & amend where nessacary.


Pat Death 2020 Summer Series 1st round.:

Newbarn Farm, Calbourne, courtesy of Mr Chris Spence.

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After a 120 day absence, competitive trials returned to the island for Round 1 of the Pat Death Summer Series, at Newbarn Farm in Calbourne. A big thank you goes out to the landowner Mr Chris Spence for allowing us to use the venue for the second time this year. 6 technical sections were set out to test the riders skills post lockdown, thanks to Mark Coombes and Geoff Taylor's course setting efforts. 29 riders turned up to take part in the trial in what were warm, sunny, dry conditions.

Rob Howard was the solo rider on the A route, in the Expert class. Rob completed the 5 laps dropping a total of just 5 marks. Section 5 proved to be the trickiest; where Rob dropped 2 of his 5 marks, but as the afternoon progressed he went on to make light work of this section cleaning it 3 times consecutively.

There were 6 riders battling it out for top spot in the Intermediate class, but it was experienced rider Mark Coombes who took first place on a score of just 2 riding the B route. Mark's impressive performance was the lowest score of the day. Ben Brodie had an excellent ride on board his TRS machine to finish in second place on 6, and Scout Gregory finished in third place on 16, after missing gates on section 3 and 6 which cost him 10 marks.

In the Over 50 class, on the B route, Andy Scott-Jackson had a very good ride, claiming first place with a score of 10. Stuart Gummer finished very close behind on 12. It will surely be a close battle for the championship between these two riders! Simon Watmo finished in third position on 38, with sections 1 and 5 proving difficult for the Beta rider.

In the Clubman class, riding a 50/50 split of both B and C route sections, Scott Milton rode his 4-stroke machine to first place dropping just 6 marks. John Coombes was hot on Scott's heels in second place dropping just 8, while Phil Chase lost an unusually high 27 marks in third.

There were two riders competing in the Novice Class which follows the C route. Joe Taylor took first place on a score of 45, and Tristan Osbornefinished behind in second place on 57.

Solo Twin-shock rider Nick Symes made light work of the C route dropping just 10 marks on board his trusty Honda, a score low enough that should encourage him to move up to the Clubman class.

Two riders followed the D route in the Adult Easy class; Mike True and Sam Jurich. Mike took the honours losing just 9 marks while Sam finished in second place on 16.

In the Sportsman class, riding a mixture of C and D route sections, Steve Chase placed a low score of 11 in first place, with B. Ashcroft in second on 26.

The club has some very promising youth riders, three of which competed in the Youth Expert class. Josh Morris had a fantastic ride, posting the second lowest score of the day finishing in first place on 3. Alfie Haydon finished in second place on board his brand new Beta machine, dropping just 13, ahead of Dan Locke in third on 19.

Alfie Gaskin was the solo rider in the Youth Intermediate Class, riding a 50/50 split of both B and C route sections. Alfie posted a respectable score of 41 and was looking comfortable on his GasGas.

Two riders competed in the Youth Easy class on the D route. Freddie Death is looking more and more confident on his TRS, finishing in first place dropping just 18 marks. R. True finished in second on a score of 63.

A big thanks to all those involved with organising the trial, especially Wayne Brodie – the return to trials has no doubt been a long and laborious process but without this man we may have been waiting a while yet! A big thank you also goes out to the club's photographer Viki Taylor, and our fantastic observers, Steve Kent, Darren Taylor, Calvin Wright, Adrian Daish, Shaun Harris and Mike Morris, all of which have kindly given up their time for our enjoyment.

The club's next trial will be held on Sunday 26th July at Godshill Park Farm. The usual start time of 12 noon applies. Please do not arrive before 11:15am.


The Jeffries Cup:

Shorwell Chalk Pit

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The fifth round of the IOWMCC's 2020 Winter Series Trials Championship took place on Sunday 15th March at Shorwell Chalk Pit in Shorwell. 8 flowing sections were set out by brothers Steve Chase and Phil Chase, with the help of Stuart Gummer. The chalk pit is a brilliant trials venue, and has everything from steep woodland to chalk bowls littered with rocks. We are very grateful to the landowner Mr Ralph Cook for allowing us to use this great venue. It's easy to understand why this was such a good training ground for Ralph's daughter; former club member and five times trials vice World Champion, Becky Cook (Talbot)!

Despite the incredibly wet winter so far, the ground was surprisingly dry and grippy which was a pleasant surprise for the 27 riders that completed the trial.

It was excellent to see the island's very own, 2019 ACU Expert British Trials Champion Chris Stay out riding in the Elite class. It's always great to see Chris riding at a club trial, even if it is nothing more than a bit of extra bike time for a rider of his calibre! Chris made extremely light work of the sections, dropping just 1 mark throughout the whole trial and it's easy to see why the younger riders look up to him so much.

Chris' older brother James, a superb rider himself, made a return to the series having missed the previous round, and with bike issues seemingly now a thing of the past, finished front of the pack on the A route in the Expert class, on 28. Jack Ayres was 7 marks behind in second place on 35. Jack put in a good performance, despite a nasty looking over the bars crash on section 7. Tom Richards continues to impress on board his Beta machine, finishing in third place on 45.

Chris and James' Dad, Alan, stayed on top again, winning the Intermediate class with a fantastic ride, dropping just 4 marks on the B route, some 21 clear of second place Sonny Gaskin, who had an excellent ride himself! Scout Gregory finished in third place on 41.

Just two riders competed in the O/50 class on the B route; Simon Newnham and Simon Watmough. Simon Newnham put in an impressive performance on his GasGas to finish in first place on just 15, 20 clear of Simon Watmough on 35 in second place.

There was a good battle in the Clubman class, with 4 riders taking on a 50/50 split of both B and C route sections. Geoff Taylor made the least dabs out of all 4 riders, steering his Montesa to victory for a total of 29. John Coombes was not far behind in second place on 36, with Colin Brodie in third on 40.

In the Novice class, following the C route, Brian Brockwell was the clear winner, losing only 14 marks. Course setter Steve Chase finished in second place on 34, ahead of S. Parfitt in third on 92.

Three T/Shock class riders took on the C route. Nick Symes made light work of the trial on his trusty Honda TLR machine, losing just 4 marks to finish in first place. Jason Elford finished in second on 32, and Calvin Wright in third on 44.

Tristan Osborne was the solo rider in the Ad/Beg class riding the D route. Tristan cleaned 4 of the sections 4 times losing only 8 marks all trial.

In the Sportsman class, on the D route, Mike Taylor managed to go clean for the entire trial, not making one single dab – a seriously impressive feat and one that is rarely achieved! Gary Jones is still getting used to his shiny new Honda, and finished in second place on 22.

Two riders competed in the Yth/Expert class which follows the B route. Dan Locke continues to impress, taking the win and losing just 15 marks in the process, ahead of Alfie Haydon in second place on 28.

Alfie Gaskin was the lone Yth/Inter rider, taking on a 50/50 split of both B and C route sections. Alfie had some excellent rides, particularly on section 4 where he lost only 1 mark. Alfie finished the trial on a total of 63.

Freddie Death was the only rider in the Yth/Beg class; his first outing on his new TRS 125cc machine. Freddie looked more and more confident throughout the afternoon and his score of 32 reflects this.

A big thanks to all those involved with organising the trial, in particular Wayne Brodie, observers; Darren Taylor, Steve Kent, Adrian Daish & Andy Ryall not forgetting club photographer Viki Taylor's stand in, Jessie Locke who did a fantastic job of capturing the action!

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