2024 Winter Series Trials Championship

3 months ago • 30/12/2023Posted by Wayne Brodie

The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club’s 2024 Winter Series Trials Championship begins on Sunday January 7th at Sweetwater Brook, with The New Year Shield.

To qualify for an award in the Winter Series Championship - Adult riders must complete a minimum of 8 trials, with a maximum of 12 trials to count. There are 13 Winter Series Trials scheduled. Youth riders are not subject to the minimum 8 trial rule. If a trial has to be cancelled for any reason - the qualifying criteria will be adjusted accordingly.

Some very important changes for 2024!

In an effort to standardise our section marking with the majority of clubs within The Southern Centre, the flag marking for the 'C' & 'D' routes will be reversed from those used previously.

From January 1st 2024 the 'C route' will be marked by Blue/Red flags with White deviations. The 'D route' will be marked with Yellow flags only, no deviations.

'CLUBMAN' & 'CLUBMAN C' Class riders are to ride the harder route on sections marked with a single Pink flag, placed at the Section Start Board.

To be eligible to enter via the Sport 80 platform - you must first renew both your 2024 ACU Trials Registrations (licences) AND your Club Memberships. Trials registrations can be renewed via the Soprt 80 platform - but you need contact Geoff Taylor to sort your Club Memberships. If you have any difficulty with either of the above then please contact either Geoff Taylor or Wayne Brodie as soon as you can.

A copy of 'The Supplementary Regulations' for the next trial can be seen along with the 'Confirmed Rider’ list which is available in the FORMS section of this website. The Confirmed Rider list will be updated each evening whilst the on-line entry is still open.