Club Championship Progression Rules

2 years ago • 13/10/2022Posted by Wayne Brodie

The Club Championship Progression document is available from the FORMS section of this website. This document sets out which riders will be eligible to move up in class (or not) at the end/start of each championship year.

This is something the Club has been looking to reintroduce for a good while now. These are existing IOWMCC rules which have been overlooked in recent years, adapted to include new classes that were introduced and designed to give more options, especially for riders who are not looking to move up.

The Committee would like to thank Alan Gosden for all his work on this project.

It will only be the Winter Series Trials Championship placings which will determine qualification for class progression.

The starting point for existing riders will be determined by the route they currently compete on.

This may impact the Youth classes slightly more as the Youth Elite class has been removed. From the start of the 2023 season - all youth class routes will mirror the adult class routes. For example, existing Youth Experts compete on the B route. Therefore, unless the rider qualifies to move up to the A route at the end of this year’s Winter Championship – the rider will stay on the B route and compete in the Youth Intermediate class throughout 2023.

It’s important to note that there is no automatic progression for youth competitors. Any youth rider who meets the progression criteria - must then also apply to the Committee for approval.

If you have any questions or need any advice on how this affects, you – please contact any Committee member.