Digital Scoring System Feedback.

2 months ago • 13/5/2024Posted by Wayne Brodie

Hi all, firstly I would like to thank all 8 volunteers who turned out to help us with the new system - you Guys & Gals answered our calls for help brilliantly.

We used the tech on sections 2 to 8 and the traditional method on section 1. The data from section 1 was then entered into the section 1 device, after the trial.

Feedback from all the observers was very positive indeed. They all thought it was straightforward and easy to use - some commenting "it's even easier than writing the scores down".

The 'Provisional' results were ready for publication just before 2pm, whilst Richard & I were still on site! However we did encounter a problem, still on-site, whilst trying to upload the pdf file to the Club website. This was later overcome, away from the venue. Importantly - the problems were linked back to our Club website and not the 'Trials Recorder' Apps.

Personally, I think today proved to be very successful - especially our ability to identify and fix a few warts.

I'm very happy with how this all went today & I'm certain, as we become more familliar with the software, the process will become much smoother & will definitely save so much time and effort for Richard & Vikki - especially at the Wight Two Day Trial.

Thanks IOWMCC.