Important Rule Change - Rider Bibs

A year ago • 9/2/2023Posted by Wayne Brodie

Important Rule Change – Rider Number Bibs:

All riders must wear their ‘Club Rider Number Bib’. If you have lost or damaged your bib - then you will be required to order a replacement, asap. This will be subject to a further deposit payment of £15.

In the meantime, you must affix your ‘correct club rider number’ to the front of your bike, and it must be clearly visible to the Observers. No other riding numbers must be visible.

Anyone who fails to comply with any of the above, will be subject to a 20-mark penalty.

20 marks will be added to the observation score - for that particular trial.

Riders who have ordered a replacement bib and are just waiting for it to become available, will not receive any penalty marks, unless they then fail to display rider numbers, as detailed above.

Repeat offenders will be reviewed by the Club’s Committee & may face further sanctions up to & including disqualification.

If you have any questions or if you require any further clarification, please contact any of the Club’s Committee members, in the first instance.