IOWMCC Digital Scoring System

2 months ago • 5/5/2024Posted by Wayne Brodie

We are very excited to announce that the IOWMCC will be introducing a Digital Trials Scoring System at our Club trials. This system is exactly the same as that used at Trial GB Rounds and The SSDT.

If all goes well at Club level – we will use the system at this year’s Wight Two Day Trial. We know the system does work well, so the only question is – can we work well with the system?

I believe, with the willingness and help of our excellent Observers – we absolutely can!

The Club’s Committee has been discussing this topic for a while now – but the financial investment required to purchase the hardware, remained a major barrier. However, we submitted a (fully costed) funding request to the ACU, Southern Center Board for their consideration. I’m very happy to report that the funding request was approved, resulting in a massive 50% financial contribution from the Southern Center Board.

On behalf of the IOWMCC, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the Center Board for their generosity and for having faith in us to make this project a successful one. This funding grant has allowed us to bring forward our plans by over a year!

The system works using android smartphones, one for each section. The ACU has developed and provided the ‘Scoring’ App(s). The Observer App is incredibly simplistic to use – just enter the rider number followed by the rider’s score – that’s it, the App does the rest! We did consider arranging ‘Observer training sessions’ before using the system – but it’s so easy to use & quick to explain - it can be done on-site before the start of each trial. Whilst we are not always fortunate enough to have a full compliment of observers, it is possible to use the tech at sections with an observer - and continue to use the traditional ‘clip board scoring’ method for any unobserved sections.

We have enough handsets to cover Club trials and to cater for the Wight Two Day trial too. The handsets are military grade, rugged, robust & waterproof – suitable for use in almost all-weather conditions. We have created a bespoke ‘safe storage/transportation case’ – which I hope will prove to be as strong & as robust as the handsets are.

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the introduction of this digital scoring system – please contact either Wayne Brodie or Richard Crickmore - We will do our best to get back to you asap.