Member Conduct at IOWMCC Events

2 years ago • 22/1/2022Posted by Wayne Brodie

An important message, from your Committee, regarding Member Conduct at IOWMCC events.

I really dislike lecturing everyone at once, about how we should or shouldn’t behave. It’s just not how I like to do things. Therefore, it is important that everybody recognises that the following statement is made on behalf of The IOWMCC Committee.

That said, I fully endorse the underlying message!

This is because of an increase of incidents being reported at Committee, involving irresponsible riding between sections – either during, before and, or after club trials.

We (The Club) have a Legal Obligation to provide a Safe Environment for everyone on site – this includes the landowners, the landowner’s property, officials, competitors, spectators, and anyone else who happens to stumble upon our trials. We are obviously fully insured, but as with all insurance policies, this comes with some very strict conditions! These are mostly common sense & very straightforward - and why we are affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union (ACU).

If you haven’t already done so – please read the ACU’s Trials Standing Regulations and The ACU’s National Sporting Code. Both are available from the ACU website (library section). These documents (along with several others) set out the framework within which we are legally permitted operate. By no means bedtime reading – but we sign up to these, every time we enter a trial. I bet you don’t get past the first couple of pages!

Some particular bullet points - that your Committee members will be keeping a watch full eye on:

• There must be no speeding or any other type of irresponsible or dangerous riding whilst at an IOWMCC event.

• Youth riders (under 16 years of age) must wear long sleeves, gloves and have a working Lanyard Cut Out Device fitted to their bike.

• All riders must wear an approved motorcycle safety helmet and boots, whilst riding the bike.

• No rider is permitted to carry a passenger/pillion – at any time.

If you see anyone flouting any of these very basic rules, particularly, anyone you consider to be riding dangerously - please inform a committee member, ideally on the day. If you are challenged about your riding, at the time – just accept the criticism, moderate your riding & that will be the end of it!

But if you do feel the warning was unfair or unwarranted - you should inform a Committee member asap, and the matter will be reviewed after the event, at the next available committee meeting. You will find a full list of current Committee Members in The Forms section of the club’s website.

It is very important that we deal with stuff as it happens. We absolutely will not allow our Club to be undermined by this type of behaviour.

Repeat offenders may face disciplinary action - including a refusal of entry into a future trial or trials!