Planned return to Trials

A month ago • 10/6/2020Posted by Wayne Brodie

The Club is pleased to announce a return to competitive trials on Sunday 12th July. The plan is then to run trials every 2 weeks until September. This will allow us to stage the 2020 Pat Death Summer Series, in full, followed by Nigel’s Memorial trial - before picking up the 2nd half of the Winter Series Championship, as originally planned..... Unfortunately youth riders are not currently permitted to take part in competition - but they are permitted to ride in practice trials. Therefore we are looking to hold a practice trial towards the end of June. The full details will be published once we have successfully secured an ACU permit..... The ACU have imposed a number of new rules, conditions and restrictions for trials during the Covid-19 pandemic..... We have been very busy drafting new Supplementary Regulations along with a 15 page, detailed, Risk Assessment that we must submit to ACU Rugby with every permit application. Although we are fairly confident, we won’t actually know if these go far enough to meet the ACU’s strict new framework - until we hear back following our submission (yesterday) of our first Covid-19 permit application..... Some of the big differences include new rules that affect how members can enter - everything will be done online. This means trials will be pre-entry only, via ACU online entry system – No ‘on the day’ entries can be accepted and No ‘one day licenses’ are available. The new parking rules will have a huge impact on which venues we can use. No spectators, this includes friends and family. (except for youth riders) The main emphasis throughout, unsurprisingly, is space and social distancing along with measures to reduce the risk of any possible cross contamination/infection..... Whilst there will be people who are reasonably relaxed about the new distancing rules, there will be others who will be very cautious - so please be responsible and respect other people’s space. If we get this wrong the Club will struggle to get further permits anytime soon!.... The new Draft Reg's are now available in the FORMS section of this website. Please take a few mins to read them..... The Club is very interested to hear your comments and feedback.