Report for the 2023 seasons Awards Night - by Viki Taylor

2 months ago • 5/5/2024Posted by Wayne Brodie

The club’s annual Awards event once again took place at The Bargeman’s Rest in Newport on Saturday 27th April. Many thanks to our Social Committee (John Coombes, Kate Baker, Richard Crickmore) and their numerous helpers for organising a great evening. It was great to see so many attendees.

Much appreciation must also go to Andy Ryall for the mammoth task of ensuring all the trophies are correctly engraved, organising the various replicas and then polishing them all in time! Finally we would like to thank Mr Trevor Strickland for giving up his evening to present the trophies to our very worthy winners and not forgetting of course our compere for the evening, the incomparable Malcolm Hawkins and the team at the Bargeman’s.

The Awards segment of the evening commenced with the presentation of beautiful bouquets to the Club’s leading ladies – Rachael Brodie, our former Club and Minutes Secretary who stepped down at November’s AGM after 16 years in post, Kate Baker our new Club and Minutes Secretary who has made a sterling job of stepping into Rachael’s shoes, Vikki Crickmore, without whom you would not have your trials results delivered so accurately and promptly and Viki Taylor, Club Treasurer and photographer who recently also took on the mantle of Press Secretary.

The trophy presentations began with the Summer Series and the results are as follows:-

Intermediate 1st Daryl Biles, 2nd Harrison Crickmore, 3rd Sonny Gaskin Over 50 1st Simon Newnham, 2nd Andy Scott-Jackson Open B 1st Ross Haydon Open C 1st Alan Gosden Novice 1st Riley True, 2nd Sam Jurich, 3rd Derek Farndell Adult Easy 1st Dave Elford, 2nd Rob Payne Youth Expert 1st Alfie Haydon Youth Intermediate Ollie Elford Youth Novice 1st Connor Shaw Youth Easy 1st Riley Baker, 2nd Blake Buggy, 3rd Leo Death

Two Day Trial

Overall winner – Tom Moss, Runner-up & Best Southern Centre Rider – Ben Lovelace Best Clubman Expert – George Gosden Best IOW Expert – Tom Richards Best Intermediate & Best IOW Intermediate – Adam Morgan Best Novice – Jack Somerton Best IOW Novice – Sam Jurich Best IOW Beginner – Rob Payne Best Youth & Best IOW Youth – Alfie Haydon Best Endeavour – Jack Ayres

Winter Series 2023

Expert 1st Tom Richards Intermediate 1st Adam Morgan, 2nd Daryl Biles, 3rd Harrison Crickmore Over 50 1st Simon Newnham, 2nd Andy Scott-Jackson Open C 1st Alan Gosden, 2nd Nick Symes, 3rd Ben Ashcroft Novice 1st Sam Jurich, 2nd Mike True, 3rd Derek Farndell Adult Easy 1st Rob Payne, 2nd Steve Jacobs

Youth Expert 1st Alfie Haydon Youth Intermediate 1st Kaiden Cutts, 2nd Riley True, 3rd Ollie Elford Youth Novice 1st Connor Shaw Youth Easy 1st Blake Buggy, 2nd Riley Baker, 3rd Leo Death Youth E 1st Chloe Haydon

Special Awards Female Observer – Kate Baker & Leighanne Baker Male Observer – Steve Kent Boxing Day Father & Son – Sam Jurich, Riley True Boxing Day Novice – Sam Jurich Matt Russell Cup – Adam Morgan Nigel Crouch True Spirit Award – John Coombes Nigel Crouch Memorial Cup – Simon Strickland Most Improved Youth Rider – Leo Death Youth Clubman of the Year – Riley Baker Clubman of the Year – John Coombes