Club memberships now Due!

4 months ago • 14/12/2023Posted by Wayne Brodie

CLUB MEMBERSHIPS for 2024 are now due!

The costs have regrettably increased for the first time in over 20 years. This topic was discussed at November’s AGM and all the contributors were in favour of an increase, with no objections.

Don’t agree with that decision? Perhaps you should attend AGM’s & have your voices heard!

Just to forewarn everybody that the cost of Club trial entry fees will also be reviewed at the January committee meeting, once we know what the ACU insurance cost increases are for 2024.

Adult membership (everyone 16yrs and over) is now set at £15.00 per year.

Youth membership (4yrs to 15yrs) is now set at £10.00 per year.

Please contact Geoff Taylor, your Membership Secretary, to find out how to make your payment.

All riders will need their Club Membership verified on the Sport 80 platform before your 2024 trials licence becomes valid. Important to note this will still be the case even if you have set up ‘Auto Renewals’. The ACU will debit your accounts for the licence fee – but your licence will remain invalid/action required.

This verification will only happen once your membership fee has been paid – unlike last year when the Club verified all memberships to help speed up the transition to the new platform.