Pat Death 2022 Summer Series 1st round.:

East View Farm, Roud

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Provisional results from Roud. There have been a few amendments since first publication. The classes concerned are Expert, Intermediate, Novice and Youth Expert.

Firstly, very many thanks to Michael Brown for the use of this new venue. Just a pitty about the weather! Thanks again to Michael - and to Geoff & Mike Taylor, your course setters for today. A big thankyou to Richard Crickmore - the only Observer to brave the very wet & challenging conditions.

Some missing Punchcards (NPC). If you have your punchcard & want to be included in the results then you have until Sunday (22nd May) to get them in. Contact Wayne asap please.


2022 Winter Series Champoionship Standings, after 6 rounds:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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Please read & understand the Award Qualifying Criterea - at the top of each page.


The Spring Cup:

Godshill Park Farm

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Report by Alfie Haydon.

For the last round of the winter series before the summer break the IOWMCC met at Godshill Park Farm for the spring Cup trial, to see who would take the lead in their classes going into the summer break.

We would like to thank Mr. Angus Baird for the use of this huge venue and the Observers who put themselves out to help the trial run smoothly: Adrian Daish, Steve Kent, Richard Crickmore, Mike Morris and an extra big thank you to Wayne Brodie for doing all the hard work behind the scenes for us to be able to enjoy riding our bikes.

Expert rider Tom Richards led the field yet again to record six wins on the trot - although he didn’t manage to clean all the sections, he was by far the better rider on the very difficult section seven. Ross Haydon was the only expert rider to clean section four doing so twice and Jos Wright was the only expert rider to clean section eight, all three riders enjoying the longer and more varied sections.

On the 'B' route, the riders are separated into 3 categories depending on their age. This week it was Alfie Haydon in the Youth Experts who posted the best score on the 'B' route having a perfect ride! By not dropping a single mark, all trial, to win his class and to secure himself as best 'B' route rider on the day. Freddie Death on his first outing in the Youth Experts managed to take a comfortable second place, with a score of 9, from rival Harrison Crickmore who was on 23. A great result for Freddie, showing what he can do when he puts his mind to it.

In the Intermediates, Daryl Biles took the win with a score of 2. The 2 marks he lost were on section 7 which was the deciding section for most people as you either had it or you didn’t. The legendary Mark Coombes was back in action after a few years out of the sport and hit the ground running, coming in third, with a very respectable score of 6 for his first ride back.

The final class who ride the 'B' route were the over 50's. Andy Scott-Jackson came out on top finishing on 15 snatching the win from yet another returning rider, Simon Newnham who was on 19, John Coombes claimed third place after a tumble on section 7. He still managed to finish on 24.

In the Clubman class only one rider in action, Adam Brodie, who rode confidently coping with all the obstacles competently. In the Open C’s it was Geoff Taylor who took the win - going around for an impressive clean rideand beating Nick Symes to first place. Alan Gosden was tied for second with Nick but he lost the tie break by losing a mark sooner than Nick. This new class has been a great success creating new rivalries. In the Novice's James Rogers yet again took the win going round for a perfect score of zero to be top in his class. Paul Kent on the electric bike came in second with one of his best rides this year, dropping a total of 8, snatching second place by only 1 mark - leaving third for Tristan Osborne on 9.

In the Youth Novices Ollie Elford was victorious dropping only 8 marks ,10 less than his nearest competitor; Kaiden Cutts. Kaiden managed to be more consistent than Riley True (3rd) which gave him the edge.

The Adult Beginners only had one rider this week with Steven Jacobs going round for 25. In the Youth Beginners the 2 youths riding 125cc machines took first and second with Connor Shaw winning with a score 5 showing how much he has improved. It was clear to see second place, Leo Death, has improved a ton recently only dropping 25 marks and taking everything in his stride. In third was young Riley Baker riding an 80cc small wheeled machine which made this long distance trial even more of a trek. This meant even more of a trial for the young lad to enjoy and gain more valuable experience.


The Medina Cup:

Apes Down

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Report by Alfie Haydon.

Club chairman Andy Ryall used all of his experience to plot out a challenging course which proved to be spot on - at a fantastic venue courtesy of Mrs Jane Ball. With helpers Richard and Harrison Crickmore; The team were able to set out a longer lap which was enjoyed by all the riders at the Medina Cup trial. The riders would also like to thank the observers, who for once had some decent weather to put themselves out for the rest of us.

In the experts, Tom Richards extended his winning run and his lead at the front of the championship with some outstanding rides throughout the trial, even having to battle with his front brake jamming on. Ross Haydon and Jos wright had some great cleans and both incurred three fives but again Ross managed to edge out a six mark advantage by the end of the day. Josh Morris suffered an early tumble which did not help his confidence but he battled on to the finish to round out the experts.

The intermediates, a very competitive class, was headed up by Daryl Biles this week getting used to a new machine. He finished 4 marks in front of Ben Read with Johnathon Death not far behind. Any one of the riders in this class could claim the win on his day. Some very close results in the over 50 class today - John Coombes came out on top, the technical sections suiting his tidy riding skills. Stuart Gummer was next with Andy Scott Jackson having to settle for third this week.

Also riding the B route were four youth experts - today Alfie Haydon had a great first lap which set him up for a four lap total of just 13 marks while Alfie Gaskin returned to snatch second place from Harrison crickmore. Freddie Death gaining valuable experienceince in his first outing in this class.

Only one rider was in the clubman class today; Jason Elford went round for a respectable score of 56 earning himself 10 championship points.

A new class had its maiden battles, the Open C, which Incorporates all riders who attempt to clean the C route. Alan Gosden managed to beat the master, Nick Symes, with an excellent ride - the second time this year he has managed to beat one of the best. Geoff Taylor just lost out on the tie break for second with dropping a mark sooner than Nick Symes. Rob Payne and Dave Elford made the step up to the C route with Rob putting in a great effort to make the step up after such little time since starting the sport. Dave Elford struggled to get through the sections as he suffered mechanical issues which hindered him causing him to drop marks yet he still completed the trial to finish on reasonable score, under the circumstances.

Only one rider was in the twin shock class; Keith Thomas made his return to the sport with a very respectable score of 33. In the novices, James Rogers was clear of everyone by at least 20 marks, only losing marks on 3 sections on the day. Paul Kent managed to get the better of Ben Ashcroft in a tie break with both of them ending on 24. Paul kept his feet up in three more sections than Ben. Mike True was next then Luke Jacobs won the tie with most ones over Tristan Osborne.

Also with only 1 rider was the adult beginners where Steve Jacobs put in a good effort to finish on 54 at a new venue for him. In the youth novices, Ollie Elford has started to find his form after a shakey start to the championship, he won again pushing Kaidan Cutts down to 2nd position. Youth Easy saw Riley Baker take the win from Blake Buggy. His improvement on the bike is plain to see at progressive trials. His recent results have been edging closesr to competitor Riley Baker. The Club will meet next for the annual Awards evening this coming Saturday a celebration of another year's successful trials for all.


The Downend Cup:

Newbarn Farm, Calbourne.

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Report by Alfie Haydon.

As the greasy grass gave way to polished mud, the sections quickly became unpredictable, at the Downend cup trial. The steep banks and large logs faced the riders with an interesting challenge in which all rose to the occasion. We would like to thank the five observers who wrapped up to endure the bitterly cold wind headed up by Club Chairman; Andy Ryall - with special thanks to Adam Morgan, who managed to observe with his arm in a sling, as he recovers from a shoulder operation. Also we would all like to thank Mr Chris Spence for letting us visit this fantastic and challenging venue once again.

In the Adult Easy Class, Dave Elford was victorious posting a perfect score, one of five riders who went around all the sections without putting their feet down. Rob Payne came in second with a loss of 1 - which on any other day would’ve secured the win. A very good ride for someone who has only recently started trials.

In the Youth Easy Class, Connor shaw yet again took victory with a confident ride, for another newcomer to the sport. Riley Baker came in second with a score of 17 showing how much he has improved over the last couple of months - the effort put in from Mum and Dad has paid off. Tobin Howard rounded out the Youth Easy riders with a confident performance at a challenging venue.

Nick Symes took the win in the Twin Shock Class whilst also posting the lowest score on the yellow route. Alan Gosden didn’t beat the master this week, losing out by 5 marks lost on section 5. Calvin Wright returned to the Twin Shock class this week and was not too far behind on 11 marks.

Luke Jacobs took the win in the Novice's by a single mark from Mike True with section 5 being the decisive section. This section took marks from every rider who rode that route. Mike True only just managed to claim second from Ben Ashcroft - both lost 3 on the day. These two matched each other on scores, the same amount of cleans, ones and two's. The tie break was decided on the rider who travelled furthest with the least marks lost - Mike True lost his first mark on section 3 on the 4th lap, whilst Ben lost his first mark on section 1 on the second lap.

In the Youth Novice's Riley True came out on top again this week from Ollie Elford - with section five yet again being the decisive section. This section presented some tight turns and tricky logs to contend with. Kaiden Cutts rounded out the Youth Novice's posting a respectable score.

In the Clubman Class there was healthy bit of competition this week with Adam Brodie who took the spoils, on his return, taking a comfortable win from Jason Elford, who had to settle for second this time out. Simon Watmough took 3rd from Geoff Taylor who rounded out the class with a confident ride.

In the over 50 Class, Andy Scott-Jackson returned to winning ways posting the 3rd best score on the red and blue route. John Coombes came in second posting a respectable score of 17, enough to leave 3rd place to Phil Chase. Great to see Malcom Hawkins back riding trials. Malcolm came in fourth posting a respectable score after over 2 years away from the sport.

In the Intermediate Class - Ben Read came out on top, posting a perfect score - one of two riders who cleaned the red and blue route. Daryl Biles came in second after missing a couple of events, he dropped a respectable score of 7. Sonny Gaskin found himself relegated into third place today, losing 14 marks, following 2 consecutive trial wins.

In the Youth Expert's - Alfie Haydon got his act together and recorded a perfect score! Trying for the best ride on the red and blues, he succeedied - completing the trial for clean. Harrison Crickmore came in second posting a great score of 10 which would’ve placed him high in the Intermediate's - against the adult riders. Both of these Youths ,of course, being restricted to competing on 125cc machines.

In the Epert Class, riding the harder green deviations, there were some intimidating logs and steep climbs to challenge the three riders this week.

Tom Richards led the way from the start, recording a first lap score of 1 mark lost. Ross Haydon was next on 2 and Jos wright not far behind - after the end of the first lap. Tom went on to ride faultlessly to finish on one - without incident. However, his two challengers fell victim to the severity of the course with Ross suffering a torn hamstring resulting in him inspecting the ground with the bike on top of him - whilst his son, Alfie laughed in the background!

This handed the advantage to Jos Wright. However, Jos had the misfortune of his bike letting him down on section 7, equalling things up. Ross didn’t know the extent of his injuries - and he had to dig deep, to carry on - even managing to clean the last lap! Jos Wright, after fixing his bike, found himself against the clock to finish in the alloted time - which almost certainly contributed to a last lap score of five, on section 5, overseen by secton Observer; 'Comedy' Coombes. This forced him into third place today. However there is a definite improvement in his riding, and he's obviously much more focused on his approach to trials in recent times.


The Jeffries Cup:

Haslett Sand Pit

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Report by Alfie Haydon.

After the battering of the storm on Friday riders rode against the wind into the wind tunnel of haslett sand pit courtesy of Mr Glen Draper. Rob baker and team braved the terrible weather on the Saturday to set out a trial which tested riders of all abilities.

The experts was headed up by the reining Island champion Tom Richards who rode a near perfect trial losing just 2 marks on section 5 which was enough to claim the lowest score of the day. Ross Haydon came in second ten marks back not helped by stalling the bike earning him a 5 mark penalty. Jos Wright came in third getting used to his new machine unlucky not to clean section 5 first lap which resulted in a tumble. Josh Morris rounded out the experts with a confident ride in the premier class. In the intermediate's Sonny Gaskin continued his winning run posting a score of 14 finding the sandy conditions to his liking riding to another clear win. Johnathan Death returned coming second with a confident ride being one of the only riders to clean section 4 on the inters to earn himself the ride of the day. Ajay Shaw rounded out the intermediates with a impressive ride on a new bike in the soft sand which is no easy task. In the over 50's Andy Scott-Jackson returned to winning ways with a decisive 8 mark margin over John Coombes in second his non-stop riding style perfect for the tricky challenges the soft sand creates. John coombes was in a tight battle for second with Phil Chase, they traded positions all day with John coombes coming out on top with a slim but decisive 4 mark margin. Stuart Gummer was not far behind coming in 4th. In the Clubman class there were 2 riders competing, riding half of the novices and half of the inters. Simon Watmough came out on top over Jason Elford.

In the Novice's James Rogers returned to winning ways putting in a confident ride losing half of what the second placed did. A great ride for his first outing in the soft sand. Tristan Osborne was next, pushed all the way by Ben Ashcroft who had to settle for third place today.

Three Adult Easy riders were in action with Rob Payne coming out on top over Dave Elford who enjoyed his ride with his son and grandson all competing in their respective classes today. Steven Jacobs rounded out this class.

In the Youth Experts, Alfie Haydon rode to victory not helped by stalling the bike, resulting in a undignified tumble into the soft sand along with a 5 mark penalty. Alfie Gaskin came in second beating Harrison Crickmore with section 4 being decisive. In the Youth Inter's one rider was in action, Freddie Death after a few missed trials returned with a confident ride. In the Youth Novice's Riley true beat Ollie Elford this week meaning Ollie had to settle for second place. In the Youth Easy class, Connor Shaw was on top ahead of Riley Baker in second. Blake Buggy rounded out the class on his electric bike.

We all would like to thank the 5 observers who volunteered to stand out in the bitter wind and stormy conditions! Luckily, everyone got finished before the rain turned up. Aided by Alan Gosden having finished his ride - then assisted the Observers to get the tail end riders finished in good time. Also many thanks to Wayne Brodie for keeping an eye on all of us making sure the event runs smoothly and everyone enjoys a safe and enjoyable trial for all riders no matter what there abilities.


The Novice and Expert Cup:


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Report by Alfie Haydon.

As the wind whistled through the pit Early morning torrential rain made for a slippery trial on the steep slopes of the wonderful shorwell chalk pit courtesy of Mr Ralph Cook. The Novice and Expert Cup got under way with various rain showers throughtout the afternoon causing the amount of grip on offer to vary each lap.

Tom Richards headed up the premier class with a confident ride finding the slippery conditions to his liking. Ross Haydon came in second pleased with his riding a five first lap for missing a flag and a 3 on the 3rd lap due to fatigue doubled his score. However, a final lap of 1 mark dropped shows he is improving every trial despite his age. Josh Morris ended up third after not being able to master the first three sections however he was spot on with the others.

In the Intermediates Sonny Gaskin rode to victory continuing his new found form putting in another excellent ride. Ben Read came in second, narrowly missing out on first just by 1 decisive mark - the rain changing the conditions catching Ben out. Rob baker rounded out the Intermediates with a enjoyable ride while helping his boy go round. Only 2 riders in the over 50s this week, Phil Chase coming out on top of friendly rival Andy Scott-Jackson. Geoff Taylor back to full fitness in the clubman class went round for a miserly 3 marks lost.

Topping the 'C route' both twin shock riders were locked together in a battle of skill and concentration with Alan Gosden staying focused throughout the trial to come out on top with a near perfect score of 1 dropped mark. Not only having the prestige of beating the invincible Nick Symes but recording the lowest score of the day well done Nelly! Seven entries in the Novice class made it the most competitive with the top 5 losing no more than 20 marks. Tristan Osbourne was victorious with ten marks lost. James Rogers had to settle for secound this week on 12 with Calvin Wright making the jump into the 21st century riding a 300 beta and not doing half bad.

2 riders in the adult beginners with Dave Elford taking the win from Rob Payne, Dave also managed to save enough energy to help pick up the flags afterwards much appreciated.

Youth expert Alfie Haydon returned to form going round for a loss of just 3 marks to equal the top adult on the B route. Harrison Crickmore mastered 5 of todays sections with ease but getting caught out on the 3 slippery sections where most of his marks were lost. Ollie Elford pulled out a considerable margin over secound place, Kaiden Cutts, with a loss of only 14 marks. Riley True having to settle for 3rd.

The youth beginners was headed up by Connor Shaw in his first trial with a very competent ride at a venue which can be very intimidating for a youth just starting trials. Cousin, Riley Baker, yet again put in a very enthusiastic ride gaining experience which will serve him well in future years - definately one to watch in coming years. We welcome Jack French to the club who signed on today just getting used to the thrills and spills of trials.

5 sportsman riders today all enjoying the trial and happy to ride on a route of their choice without competition but requiring the same amount of commitment and skill to pilot their machines around the course. Last, but not least, we would all like to thank our two loyal observers Mike Morris and Richard Crickmore for not letting the weather put them off.


The New Year Shield:

Sweetwater Brook

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Report written by Alfie Haydon.

The IOWMCC 2022 New year Shield was held at Sweetwater Brook with kind permission from Mr. Trevor Strickland. In the torrential rain, the riders rode deep into the water to compete for the new years shield. With the weather brightening up to start with the trial got underway. This weather was only a fluke, the sun soon got covered up by the dark rain clouds. This caused anyone who hadn’t finished to have a very tough time finishing off the trial especially on section 8 where it looked like riders were mud wrestling with their bikes as they tried to maintain forward motion up the steep banks.

In the experts, Tom Richards came out on top over new rival, old-timer Ross Haydon who made his return to the experts after a 20-year absence from the premier class. Jos Wright also made the move back to the experts who managed to claim 3rd place from Josh Morris who had the misfortune of drowning his bike in the Brook. Great to see more riders entering this class hopefully this will continue to attract more riders. In the intermediates, Rory Stephens went round for a very competitive 11 which was a very good score for only his second trial on his new machine, yet this is to be expected of a rider with such experience. But the ride of the day went to Sonny Gaskin with a loss of 12 narrowly missing out on the win. Alan Stay rounded out the top 3 getting caught in the rain before he could finish his 4 laps.

John Coombes took a narrow victory from Phil Chase who must have found the conditions favorable to his riding style with a very competitive ride. Andy Scott-Jackson a bit further back today a victim of section 8. The only twin shock rider today Nick Symes cruised through the trial to clock a score of 33 liking the wet conditions. In the novices James Rogers was victorious in only his second trial, he would not of had any experience in these conditions before, great ride. The improving Ajay Shaw came in second posting a respectable score of 63 which meant Mike True had to settle for 3rd place.

Alfie Haydon headed up the youths with a score of 37 not bad considering not having a front brake for the final 2 wet laps. Harrison Crickmore came in 2nd both riders struggling with section 8. In the youth novices, Kaiden Cutts returned to take a narrow victory over Ollie Elford with section 5 being the decider. Great to see young Blake Buggy finding the conditions enjoyable and taking everything in his stride managing to find grip riding his electric bike. I think dad managed to stay upright too in the ever tricky conditions for minders on foot with streams to negotiate.

In the sportsman class, Simon Watmough posted the lowest score on the c route of 32 followed by Geoff Taylor on 52. Brothers Matt and Dan Graves persisted to pull their heavy twin shock machines around the slippery course Matt got the edge with a slim but decisive 5 mark victory. Kev Smith looked like he enjoyed the day going around for a respectable 67 lost marks. I believe he had the cleanest bike at the end of the trial showing how smooth a rider he is. Last but not least we would like to thank Mike Morris, Richard Crickmore, and Wayne Brodie for observing even through the torrential downpours that occurred.


The 2021 Winter & Summer Series Championship Final Standings:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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Congratulations to all those award winners.

If you spot or if you think a mistake has been made - please contact Wayne Brodie, asap, please. The individual trial results will then be checked again & the final standings will be ammended if required.


The Boxing Day, Father & Son Cup:

Shorwell Chalk Pit

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Report written by Alfie Haydon.

In the torrential rain riders battled to take the win at the Boxing Day trial. As the trial got under way riders were greeted with a free bike wash from mother nature. Luckily the rain cleared up and left the riders with some very slippery chalk to contend with.

We must thank Ralph Cook for the use of this all-weather venue along with the course setting skills of Alan Gosden provided riders with sections that were still rideable in extreme conditions. The Boxing Day trial hosted the traditional father and son trophy, with 7 Father and Sons in action showing how trials is often handed down the generations. Sometimes the father will be the stronger rider but as the years go on the youngsters will be leading the show, the main ingredients for success is teamwork and the lowest combined score wins the day. It was great to see so many new lads and dads in their first year of trials taking part in the father and son. They all finished strongly despite terrible conditions at times. Not only was this the father and son trial also it was the final round of the 2021 winter championship.

The Boxing Day Expert cup went to local ace Rob Howard who made a winning return snatching the victory from Tom Richards, however second place was enough for Tom to win the Experts Championship making him the 2021 Island Champion. Josh Morris came in 3rd with only his second finish on the hardest route on unfamiliar bike putting in a solid performance. In the Intermediates the top 3 riders all finished on single figure scores showing how competitive this class is especially in the wet conditions, but this is to be expected when they have over 100 years riding experience between them. 2021 Intermediate Champion, Ross Haydon, took the win with a loss of only 2 marks. Adam Morgan has consistently been the main challenger this year finishing runner up in the championship and winning the tie break today on most cleans from veteran rider Alan Stay.

In the over 50's John Coombes triumphed over Andy Scott-Jackson however 2nd was enough for Andy to take a comfortable win in the championship this year - however John has the momentum going into 2022. The Boxing Day Novice cup goes to Paul Baldwin making the trip over from the mainland to take the spoils. Paul Kent was not far behind on his electric bike with Jason Elford rounding out the top 3.

In the Youth Experts Alfie Haydon took the win along with the Championship from Alfie Gaskin who came in a strong second position on the day as well as runner up in the Championship. These 2 riders have consistently posted scores comparable to the top adult riders on the B route. Youth Novices were headed up by Championship winner Harrison Crickmore who snatched the win and the Championship that day from Ollie Elford. Both riders have improved a great deal this year. Youngest rider Riley Baker didn’t let the bad weather effect his enthusiasm for the sport smiling all the way round to win the Youth Easy Championship. Helped by mum and dad great result for team Baker.

Last but not least we would all like to thank Mike Morris, Richard Crickmore and club Chairman Andy Ryall for observing in the terrible conditions. The club meets again to kick off the 2022 Championship at Sweetwater Brook, Calbourne this coming Sunday the 2nd January.

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