The 2021 Winter & Summer Series Championship Final Standings:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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Congratulations to all those award winners.

If you spot or if you think a mistake has been made - please contact Wayne Brodie, asap, please. The individual trial results will then be checked again & the final standings will be ammended if required.


The Boxing Day, Father & Son Cup:

Shorwell Chalk Pit

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Report written by Alfie Haydon.

In the torrential rain riders battled to take the win at the Boxing Day trial. As the trial got under way riders were greeted with a free bike wash from mother nature. Luckily the rain cleared up and left the riders with some very slippery chalk to contend with.

We must thank Ralph Cook for the use of this all-weather venue along with the course setting skills of Alan Gosden provided riders with sections that were still rideable in extreme conditions. The Boxing Day trial hosted the traditional father and son trophy, with 7 Father and Sons in action showing how trials is often handed down the generations. Sometimes the father will be the stronger rider but as the years go on the youngsters will be leading the show, the main ingredients for success is teamwork and the lowest combined score wins the day. It was great to see so many new lads and dads in their first year of trials taking part in the father and son. They all finished strongly despite terrible conditions at times. Not only was this the father and son trial also it was the final round of the 2021 winter championship.

The Boxing Day Expert cup went to local ace Rob Howard who made a winning return snatching the victory from Tom Richards, however second place was enough for Tom to win the Experts Championship making him the 2021 Island Champion. Josh Morris came in 3rd with only his second finish on the hardest route on unfamiliar bike putting in a solid performance. In the Intermediates the top 3 riders all finished on single figure scores showing how competitive this class is especially in the wet conditions, but this is to be expected when they have over 100 years riding experience between them. 2021 Intermediate Champion, Ross Haydon, took the win with a loss of only 2 marks. Adam Morgan has consistently been the main challenger this year finishing runner up in the championship and winning the tie break today on most cleans from veteran rider Alan Stay.

In the over 50's John Coombes triumphed over Andy Scott-Jackson however 2nd was enough for Andy to take a comfortable win in the championship this year - however John has the momentum going into 2022. The Boxing Day Novice cup goes to Paul Baldwin making the trip over from the mainland to take the spoils. Paul Kent was not far behind on his electric bike with Jason Elford rounding out the top 3.

In the Youth Experts Alfie Haydon took the win along with the Championship from Alfie Gaskin who came in a strong second position on the day as well as runner up in the Championship. These 2 riders have consistently posted scores comparable to the top adult riders on the B route. Youth Novices were headed up by Championship winner Harrison Crickmore who snatched the win and the Championship that day from Ollie Elford. Both riders have improved a great deal this year. Youngest rider Riley Baker didn’t let the bad weather effect his enthusiasm for the sport smiling all the way round to win the Youth Easy Championship. Helped by mum and dad great result for team Baker.

Last but not least we would all like to thank Mike Morris, Richard Crickmore and club Chairman Andy Ryall for observing in the terrible conditions. The club meets again to kick off the 2022 Championship at Sweetwater Brook, Calbourne this coming Sunday the 2nd January.


2021 Winter Series Standings - after 10 rounds:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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The Winter Series Trials Champioship Standings after 10 rounds. There is just one round remaining - The Boxing Day (Father & Son) Cup.

The Boxing Day Trial is not normally part of the championship - but 2021 hasn't been a normal year!

With the exception of a few minor placings - all the classes have already been settled. So you can all ride The Boxing Day Trial excactly as intended - a bit of fun on the bike.

If you spot an error in the standings then please get in touch asap - I am more than happy to check individual trial results and amend the standings if needed. It can become a little confusing when riders have taken part in several different classes throughout the year!


The Duver Cup:

Bembridge Down

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Alfie Haydon reports on the days proceedings:

The penultimate round of the IOWMCC Winter Series Championship took place at Bembridge down. Thanks to the Taylor family for inviting the club back to this superb natural trials venue.

Riders were greeted by steady rain which quickly cleared leaving lots of mud and exposed roots on the steep banks of the down. John Coombes, Tristan Osborne, Rory Stephens, Stuart Gummer & Andy Scott-Jackson set out a tremendous 4 laps of 8 section trial.

The experts positions were reversed this week with Tom Richards taking a decisive win with 15 mark buffer to Jack Ayres who could not get on with section 2 which ended up deciding the final result. In the intermediates Adam Morgan straight out the blocks had a very determined ride covering the 4 laps for a loss of only 12 marks which should have been good enough for the win at such a tough event. However Ross Haydon used all of his experience in the wet and slippery conditions to snatch the win with the only single figure score of the trial on 9 marks. Which meant local ace Rory Stephens had to settle for 3rd on his new vertigo machine.

In the over 50s Andy Scott-Jackson’s attacking style proved to be the most effective with a clear win over John Coombes and Phil Chase not that far behind. In the novices Adam Brodie came out on top through a tie break with Jason Elford who lost the tie break on most ones. James Rogers rounded out the podium places with a very convincing ride in his first Trial against more experienced opponents. In the twin shock class only 2 competitors were in battle in which Nick Symes was victorious with a comfortable gap to Graham Darby who for his first trial since 1978 put an accomplished ride in which he looked as if he’d never been away.

In the adult beginners Kevin Smith won posting a respectable score of 33 dropped marks. Derek Farndell came in second with a score of 60. In the youth experts Alfie Haydon posted a score of 22 marks with a final lap of 2 marks lost. Harrison Crickmore enjoyed his new beta 125 machine finding it ideal in the slippery conditions to finish in second.

In the youth novices Ollie Elford took it all in his stride on the c route and with some father and son rivalry ollie even managed to beat dad on a couple of sections showing how far he has progressed in a short time. Thankyou for the 4 observers who braved the wet weather and the long walk down to the sections to make sure the riders losses were accounted for ,much appreciated. Good to see Simon Watmore and Geoff Taylor back riding in the sportsman class joined by Calvin this week. All riders who finished the event could count themselves as victorious with the tough conditions and physical test of the trial which led to ten retirements.

The final round of the Championship will be held on Boxing Day at Shorwell chalk pit with optional fancy dress and the father and son trial incorporated too.


The Ted Phillips Cup:

Haslett Sand Pit

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In the icy cold conditions, the riders battled to take the win in their classes for the 9th round of the winter series set out by Jon, Freddie and Leo Death. Many years ago island riders would’ve tested themselves on sections set out by Jon’s grandfather the legendary Dave Death. Now in 2021 his legacy continues and the family actively encouraging motorcycle sport on the island. The Ted Phillips cup was a mixture of tight turns and steep hill climbs all in the treacherous soft sand courtesy of Glen Drapers Haslett Sand pit. The riders were grateful for the four observers who turned out on one of the coldest days of the year.

There were 2 experts in action today, Jack Ayres attacked the course with some convincing rides on sections 1 and 5 to take the win from Tom Richards. Ross Haydon managed a careful ride to secure another win in the intermediate class. But the ride of the day had to go to Daryl Biles with a loss of only 5 marks showing he has the skills to challenge for the championship next year. Adam Morgan suffered a five first section of the day to relegate him to 3rd place. In the over 50s class John Coombes was victorious over Phil Chase who came in second by a whisker with only 3 marks between him and 3rd place Andy Scott-Jackson. Stuart Gummer rounded out the over 50s class on a respectable 39 dropped marks.

In the twin shock class Nick Symes takes a convincing win over Calvin Wright with a comfortable 15 points ahead. In the Novice class Tristan Osborne took a comfortable win over a very competitive second place. Ben Ashcroft and Luke Jacobs both ended up on 31 marks, Ben took 2nd place with the most 1s after matching Luke on amount of cleans. John Townsend went round for impressive 47 marks on the d route piloting the heavy British bike to good effect in the soft sand..

In the Youth Experts today Alfie Haydon took another comfortable win dropping ten marks while Harrison Crickmore on only his second trial in the Youth Experts class dropped a respectable 45 marks. In the youth Intermediate Freddie Death dropped 28 marks continuously improving much like Ollie Elford who dropped a honourable 29 marks in the youth Novice Class. In the Youth Beginner class young Riley Baker riding his 80cc machine had a different competitor in Leo Death who with some very careful throttle control riding the bigger 125 machine took the victory with a slim but decisive 6 marks.

Finally we would just like to thank all the course setters for braving the appalling weather on the Saturday and we look forward to seeing you all at the next trial.


2021 Winter Series Championship Standings - after 8 rounds:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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The 2021 Winter Series Championship Standings after 8 rounds.

Please be sure to read & understand the award qualifying critera - at the top of each page.

If you have any questions or if you think a mistake has been made, please email [email protected] We will get back to you as quickly as we can.


The Guy Fawkes Cup:


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The Guy Fawkes Cup was held at Knighton Sandpit on Saturday November 13th. It is very unusual for the club to stage a trial on a Saturday - this was so we could respect, The all important, Remembrance Sunday - Lest We Forget!

The eight section course was set by Alan Gosden and Luke Jacobs, who between them made full use of the steep climbes, very swiftly, followed by those inevitable steep decents.

The Club would like to thank the Landowner; Mr Roger Morgan, the course setters, Photographer; Viki Taylor and the Observers. All of which made the event possible.


The Matt Russell Cup:

Nodewell Farm, courtesy of the Morgan family.

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The full report will be available here very soon. But for now:

Very many thanks to The Morgan Family for welcoming us back at Nodewell - very much appreciated. Ross and Alfie Haydon set 8 superb sections, something to test everyone & our thanks to the 4 Observers - who give up their time to help keep the trial flowing.

Congratualations to Ross Haydon who was presented The Matt Russell Cup (Best Intermediate Rider) by Matthew's Dad, Tony Russell. Ross just held on for the win, by 1 mark, from Adam Morgan.


The Frank Pragnell Cup:

Duxmore Quarry

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club held the 6th round of the 2021 Winter Series Trials Championships at Duxmore Quarry, Downend on Sunday 10th October. The usual 4 laps of 8 sections were skilfully set by Jona & Ben Read, Scott Milton and Steve Chase to test the skill, balance, and control of the riders together with the reliability of their bikes. The Club would like to welcome three new members; Dave Elford, Derek Farndell & Rob Payne – we hope they all enjoyed the experience & we look forward to seeing them back very soon.

There were just two Expert competitors to start the trial, but the field was halved after just one lap when Rob Howard retired. Despite being left out on his own, Tom Richards managed to post a very good score to finish with a total of 54 marks. Meanwhile over in the Intermediates, Ross Haydon put in a perfect ride, completing the four laps without loosing a single dab. Sonny Gaskin found the course considerably more challenging - but held on to take the second place, for a well-deserved seven championship points. Andy Scott-Jackson continues to build a significant lead in the Over 50’s championship, with a superb performance, taking the win for a loss of just 43. John Coombes crossed the line in second for 86 with Phil Chase in third on 102.

The Twin Shock class was headed up by pre-trial favourite, Nick Symes. Nick made light work of the tricky Duxmore course and became the second rider to achieve a perfect score at the event. Jos Wright swapped his Mono Shock machine for the twin shock Ossa to take the second spot, for a loss of just 15. The competition proved to be much closer in the Novice’s, which resulted in a very narrow win for Tristan Osborne with a creditable score of 8. Mike True continues to improve finishing just 2 more behind in second. Ben Ashcroft found section 4 a little challenging which undoubtably relegated him into third place this time out. Adult Easy class favourite, Kevin Smith easily took the top spot from the 3 new members, Derek Farndell finished on 50 with Dave Elford in third on 58. Rob Payne was only 9 more adrift to finish 4th.

The lack of Youth Experts or Intermediates meant that Harrison Crickmore headed up the Youth riders by winning the popular Youth Novice class. Harrison took the win with a slender margin, just 2 marks ahead of the fast-improving Freddie Death, who finished on 14. Riley True bagged the third spot, holding off a determined challenge from Ollie Elford in fourth – only 4 marks separated these two. Ajay Shaw completed the trial in fifth securing three championship points – superb effort by this bunch of young riders and well worth keeping an eye on their progress as the competition between them is bound to be tight. Riley Baker was the lone Youth Easy rider, but he certainly seemed to enjoy himself. His confidence levels will certainly improve with experience.

We would like to thank all the Observers who make so much difference by helping the trial to flow smoothly and Viki Taylor (Lazy tuna photography) for all her hard work, capturing all the action, through the lens.

The 7th Championship round will be The Matt Russell Memorial Trial, 24th October at Nodewell Farm, Totland. Online entry will be available from 8am on Monday. Hope to see you all there.


2021 winter series standings - after first 5 rounds:

Various, Isle of Wight.

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Championship standings after 5 rounds.

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