The GES Cup:

Duxmore (Chalk Pit), courtesy of the Read Family.

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club kick started the second half of its main Winter Series Trials Championship on Sunday 2nd September at Duxmore Chalkpit, Downend, courtesy of the Read Family. The Club would like to thank them for welcoming us back to this excellent venue. Thanks are also in order to Jono Read, Nik Read, Ben Read, and Scott Milton for setting eight superb sections as well as a ‘just for fun’ hill climb – top effort by them. Thanks to the Observers who help to keep things moving and to Club Photographer; Viki Taylor for her excellent skills with the camera.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to three new members; Scout Gregory, Adam Pomeroy and Joe Moore. All three took part in the recent Nigel Crouch Memorial trial as ‘temporary members’ and are now fully signed up – We hope they all enjoyed the trial and we look forward to seeing them again very soon.

The weather conditions were absolutely perfect, no wind just bright warm late Summer sunshine bathing the chalk pit allowing for plenty of grip all afternoon. George Gosden, the lone Expert rider, took full advantage and despite riding unopposed posted a very competitive total of just fourteen marks. Meanwhile there was a bit more competition in the Intermediate class which was won by Ben Read who finished with a total of sixteen, twelve marks clear from Alan Gosden in second with Shaun Harris in third place, only three marks separating these two. Scott Milton must be happy with his performance on the Clubman route only dropping marks at three of the eight sections.

The Novice class was topped with an impressive effort from new member, Scout Gregory, he managed to keep his losses down to thirty. Scout is no newcomer to trials but this was his first proper competitive outing with the Club and he aheived an excellent result. Dan Flux took second spot on thirty-six with Colin Brodie just three more behind him in third – some very close riding by these three. Twinshock rider, Nick Symes posted the second lowest score of the day negotiating the tricky sections for a loss of only five marks – very good effort by him. John Townsend (British Bike class) also had a good day on the rather heavy but trusty BSA C15 and earned himself another ten Championship points. Jono Read and Adam Pomeroy both chose to ride in the Sportsman class, this class allows riders to mix and match different routes, section by section, and as such the class carries no Championship points.

Joe Taylor recorded an emphatic win in the Adult Beginner’s dropping only one mark on section six spoiling an otherwise perfect performance – excellent job Joe. Gary Jones managed to hold off a spirited challenge from Joe Moore to take second, just five marks between the two. Four Youth riders in action today, Harvey Grieve (Youth Expert) had a mixed day with some really good riding along with a few avoidable mistakes – he still went home happy bagging his ten points. Youth Novice rider, Alfie Haydon, had a fantastic ride, loosing just ten marks and beating all but one of the Adults on the C route! Brilliant performance Alfie. In the Youth Beginners, Championship favourite, Dan Locke didn’t disappoint finishing nine marks ahead of the improving Josh Morris – very good effort by both young riders.

Three of the Club’s riders were in action at the Geoff Chandler Trophy Trial (Waltham Chase MCC) in the latest round of the Southern Centre ACU Solo Star Championship. Congratulations to Rob Howard who managed to win the Expert’s and James Stay who finished joint first in the Clubman class after finishing with a clean sheet. Rob Baker just missed out on a top three finish in the Novice class but a superb ride none the less. All three are in good shape in the Championship - keep up the good work lads – bring that silverware back across the Solent!

The Club next meet for the Medina Cup Trial on Sunday 16th September. Please keep an eye on the Club website (Events) where you will find all the details nearer the time.


The Nigel Mason Crouch (Bighobbler) Trial:

Lee Brickyard, Bouldnor

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club held a Special Trial on Sunday 19th of August, in memory of Nigel Crouch who sadly passed away in January. The emphasis was on staging a fun social type event rather than one of a competitive nature, the trial was very well attended and all forty-one riders took this onboard – and a great day was had by all. The trial was followed by a free BBQ and a chance to socialise where many stories were told as people shared their memories of Nigel and some of the antics he used to get up to!

We would like to say a special thank you to Ann Gustar & all her Family and Friends for allowing us to stage the event in the copse at Bouldnor and for preparing, cooking & serving the food & drinks – superb hospitality by fantastic hosts!

Thanks once again to all the guys that helped to clear the way and set out the eight section lap. The instructions were to ease the severity of the sections to aid the ‘non-competitive’ element and overall, a brilliant job was done – although this was somewhat lost on the last two sections. I can assure you that no expense will be spared when we book those responsible on a refresher course of instruction on the meaning of ‘easy’. Personally I blame the rain earlier in the morning! Very many thanks to the Observers, particularly Darren Taylor on section seven who definitely had to work hard to keep things moving there and of course to all those who helped clear up after the trial – very much appreciated. Viki Taylor also had to work hard with the camera. Viki found herself in a never ending battle against the constantly changing light conditions but still produced a great set of pictures - top effort Viki.

The Nigel Mason Crouch ‘Bighobbler Trial’ will become an annual event and although the focus is not on competition there are a couple of stunning Awards that have been sponsored by two of Nigel’s close friends, Dave Rose and Joe Henderson. A stunning Silver Plated Cup called the NMC Memorial Trophy from Dave and something a bit different all the way from Australia, The Joe Henderson ‘True Spirit’ Award, which certainly attracted plenty of attention and proved to be a talking point not just at the trial. It was held in quarantine for ten days by HM Revenue & Customs – while they were trying to work out what it was and if it was likely to explode or not!

Now these Awards are not necessarily determined by the results alone. It was decided to present the True Spirit award to first time rider Joe Moore. This was Joe’s first ever trial and he enjoyed himself so much he fully intends to become a regular rider. Nigel was well known for inspiring and encouraging younger riders and that legacy clearly continues to have an influence. The NMC Memorial Trophy has been awarded to Shaun Harris. Despite injuring his leg during a training session, he managed to force his boot over the swelling taking part regardless of the pain. Shaun went on to complete the trial and finished fourth in the Inters. Congratulations to both riders.

The Club next meet on Sunday September 2nd with the resumption of the main Winter Series Championship. Please keep an eye on the Club website where you will find all the details once they have been finalised.


Final Standings. 2018 Pat Death Summer Series:

Pagham Farm, Limerstone Farm & Hawthorn Manor Farm

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The Club would like to once again thank the Landowners who allowed us to hold this year's Summer Series Championships at three excellent venues: A. B. Farms Ltd (Pagham Farm) Geoff & Mary Case (Limerstone Farm) and Mr Fred Colson at Hawthorn Manor Farm.

Please be sure to read the notes at the top of the page.

Very many congratulations to all the Award winners - We look forward to presenting your trophies to you at the Awards evening in February.


(Revised x 2) Pat Death Summer Series, 3rd Round:

Hawthorn Manor Farm, courtesy of Mr Fred Colson.

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The third and final round of the 2018 Pat Death Summer Series trials Championship was held on Sunday 22nd July at Hawthorn Manor Farm, Chale. The Club would like to thank Mr Fred Colson for inviting us back to what was a sun soaked venue. The ground had become very overgrown and took many hours to clear. The Club recognises the very hard work put in by; Malcolm Hawkins, Simon Newnham, Jason Preece, Steve Chase, Mark Coombes, Robert Baker and Andy Ryall who’s efforts made the trial possible.

The Summer Series consists of three trials held during May, June and July. To qualify for an award riders have to complete in all three rounds, in the same class. The closest battle of the day was fought out by Rob Howard and James Stay – in the Expert class. Rob just about did enough to claim the top spot, with a total of nineteen marks. James finished just three more adrift and was forced to settle for the second place. James’s second place was enough however for him to win the Championship – well done James, congratulations. Meanwhile the Intermediate class saw another solid and confident performance from Mark Coombes. Mark finished with the second lowest total of the day, just three dropped marks to seal the win and the Championship. The improving Shaun Harris took the second place from Andy Scott-Jackson in third. This result also earns Shaun the second Championship place. Simon Newnham (Sportsman) arguably put in the best performance of the day completing the four laps of eight sections with an almost perfect score of one – excellent effort by him. It was good to see Michael Brown back on his bike to take the second place. Phil Chase proved to be the only Clubman class rider this afternoon, despite the lack of rivals, he managed to post a very competitive score to take the vital ten points he needed to seal the Summer Series Championship.

The Novice class produced a fine win for Dan Flux who completed the trial for a total of nine marks. Rob Baker had to finish ahead of Dan for the Championship win - but was forced into second place with Paul Kent in third. Dan’s superior riding on sections two and eight made all the difference giving him the title. Only one Twin Shock rider in action at the hot Hawthorn course; Nick Symes finished on a total of five marks to take the win today and the Championship. Another lone rider, Joe Taylor in the Adult Beginner’s class also put in a confident performance to finish with the second lowest score of the day – just two dropped marks, sealing his Championship win. Young Alfie Haydon (Youth Novice) found sections seven and eight to be quite challenging where he dropped twenty-one of his twenty-six total. Alfie never the less must have gone home happy in the knowledge that he has added the 2018 Summer Series title to his ever growing list of achievements. Congratulations to all those class winners.

The Club next meet on Sunday 19th August for a very special event: The Nigel Crouch Memorial Trial will take place at Lee Copse, Bouldnor, Yarmouth. The trial is intended to be a very easy fun trial. There are no Championship points on offer, the main aim of the event is to celebrate and remember the big man. Please note the later than usual start time of 2:30pm. There will be a free BBQ afterwards with tea, coffee and soft drinks provided. If you want something a bit stronger you are welcome to bring your own alcohol. Ann Gustar and Family will be your hosts for the afternoon – many thanks in advance to them. The trial is open to non-members – temporary (free) one day Club Membership and ACU day licences (£3 each) are available. All the details you need will be available from the Club website: by Saturday 28th July.


2018 Pat Death Summer Series, after two rounds.:

Pagham and Limerstone Farms.

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The 2018 Summer Series Championship standings - after 2 rounds. To qualify for an award riders are to complete all 3 rounds.

The third and final round is planned for Sunday 22nd July. Signing on from 11am, trial starts at 12. The venue / Course Setter(s) are to be confirmed.


Pat Death Summer Series, 2nd Round:

Limerstone Farm

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club staged the second round of the 2018 Pat Death Summer Series on Sunday 17th June at Limerstone Farm, courtesy of Geoff and Mary Case. The Club would like to thank them for welcoming us back to this superb venue. Thanks also to Calvin Wright for stepping in at short notice to set six good sections, Viki Taylor (Club Photographer) and Ian Groves (guest Photographer) for their excellent work with their cameras along with all the Observers who helped to ensure a smooth, free flowing event.

The constant threat of rain helped to encourage the riders to make quick work of the five laps, the grass down land does get very slippery in wet conditions. Thankfully the constant strong wind blowing straight off the English Channel kept the rain away long enough for everyone to finish the trial dry.

James Stay rode unopposed in the Expert class but never the less he put in a confident performance to take the points. Meanwhile there were six riders competing in the Intermediate class which proved to be an emphatic win for Mark Coombes. Coombes started as the favourite and didn’t disappoint, finishing with a very competitive total of twenty-five marks, cementing his dominance in the class. Stuart Gummer just about held on for second from Shaun Harris in third – just one mark between these two. Simon Newnham (Sportsman) also taking on the ‘B’ route ended up on thirty, twenty-three of those were lost on the difficult section three.

The competition was much closer in the Clubman class between in first place Ben Brodie and second place finisher, Scott Milton. Brodie had the upper hand on section one which proved to make all the difference keeping him four marks clear at the end. Phil Chase was a few more behind but earned himself five more Championship points. The very well contested Novice class was another close affair which resulted in a win for Rob Baker. Rob has to be pleased with today’s performance that saw him take his first class win. Paul Kent took the second spot, just two more marks adrift – section five proving the decider this time. Dan Flux was forced to settle in third spot – top riding by all three. It was really good to see Ellie Attrill move up from the Beginners, it surely won’t be too long before we see her knocking on the door of the top three. Over in the Twin Shock class, Championship favourite, Nick Symes produced another fine performance to comfortably take the win from course setter, Calvin Wright, who was hampered from the outset with a non-existent rear brake!

The Adult Beginner class was once again dominated by Joe Taylor with an outstanding display of confidence. Taylor finished the trial with the lowest score of the day on a miserly total of five. Gary Jones should be pleased with his effort only six more behind in second. Jason Preece, in only his second trial has to be pleased to land the third place despite the difficult third section accounting for nearly half his total – very good effort by all three riders. Young Alfie Haydon continues to impress in the Youth Novice’s, he only dropped marks on three of the six sections. Youth Beginner winner, Dan Locke, is another young rider gaining in confidence every time he starts his bike – excellent riding by both young lads.

The third and final round of the 2018 Pat Death Summer Series will be held on Sunday 22nd July, please check the Club website nearer the time where all the details will be available once finalised.


2018 Winter Series Standings - after six rounds:


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The standings for the 2018 Winter Series so far. Please be sure to read the NOTES at the top of page 1. Any questions - please ask away.


Pat Death Summer Series, 1st Round:

Pagham Farm, Rookley. Courtesy of A. B. Farms Ltd.

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This year’s Pat Death Summer Series kicked off on Sunday 20th May at Pagham Farm, Rookley. The Club would like to thank A.B. Farms Ltd for welcoming us back to what is an excellent trials venue. Many thanks also to Stewart Freeman and Michael Brown for setting eight really good sections and of course to all the Observers – top effort people. This year’s Summer Series consists of three trials, May, June and July - to qualify for an Award, riders must complete all three rounds, in the same class.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to two new members; Joshua Smith and Jason Preece. Both taking part in their first ever trial, deciding to ride in the Novice class. Jason just about had the upper hand from Josh with only eight marks separating them, finishing in sixth and seventh place respectively – we hope they enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing them both back again very soon.

Six Expert riders this afternoon battling for the top honours. It was George Gosden who stole the show ending the day for a miserly two dropped marks. Will West took the second place on twelve with James Stay just one more behind on thirteen in third, section five proving to be the decider – great riding by all three. Simon Newnham (Sportsman) finished with an almost perfect score, only one lost mark - on the slippery climb out of section five spoiling his score sheet! Meanwhile the Intermediate class was won, with a rare appearance by Mark Coombes who completed the trial for a total of ten. Shaun Harris, who continues to improve, took the second place seven marks clear of friendly rival Malcolm Hawkins.

Ben Brodie just about managed to stay ahead of Scott Milton (by a single mark) in the Clubman class. Section three made all the difference in this very close contest. Third place was taken by Keith Jacobs with Phil Chase only two more adrift in fourth. The well contested Novice class was won by Simon Watmough, finishing on fifteen. Dan Flux had to battle with Paul Kent to earn his second place finish – some good riding by all three. ‘In form’ Twin Shock rider; Nick Symes continues his recent successful run to take the win from Alan Gosden. Alan was hampered when his drive chain was thrown off resulting in a maximum five mark penalty. Meanwhile John Townsend, despite riding unopposed, finished well in the British Bike class for his ten Championship points. Joe Taylor put in another confident performance to kickstart his Summer campaign with a win, in the Adult Beginners – dropping just four marks. Joe could be seen practising on the ‘C’ route after the trial which could mean he might be contemplating a move up into the Novice class in the near future?

Four Youth competitors tackled the Pagham course, headed up by Harvey Grieve in the Youth Expert class. Harvey did very well to finish on an impressive eighteen. Alfie Haydon also continues to impress in the Youth Novice’s completing the day with a loss of just twenty-three – beating most of the Adults riding on the C route! Dan Locke was the clear winner of the Youth Beginner class from young Josh Morris in second – superb effort by all four young riders.

The Club next meet on Sunday 17th of June for the second round. The venue is to be confirmed, please check the Club website nearer the time for the full details.


2018 Wight Two Day - Sunday & overall standings :

Bembridge & Knighton

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The Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club held its annual Wight Two Day trial on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April. There were two venues in use this year and the Club would like to thank the Landowners Mr Roger Morgan for the use of Knighton and Mr Rob Taylor for Bembridge down. Very many thanks also to the course setters, who’s role was vital – the pressure was on them to build twelve good standard sections at each venue. Alan Gosden, Simon Newnham and George Gosden at Knighton, with Rory Stephens and Geoff Taylor at Bembridge, assisted at both venues by Stewart Freeman – excellent work guys. The Club’s official Photographer; Viki Taylor, was on hand over weekend to capture the action with her camera which produced 1000’s of superb shots. There were 142 starters (from an entry of 152) which meant that the Observers were kept incredibly busy for many hours with very little rest. The Club recognises their outstanding performance on both days – top effort by every single one of them.

Saturday’s proceedings were based at what proved to be a sun soaked Knighton pit. The day kicked off with an important rider’s briefing immediately followed by a tribute to one of the Club’s most loved and respected members; Nigel Crouch. Nigel sadly passed away in January following a short battle with cancer. The riders were invited to start their engines to make as much noise as they dare in a fitting act of remembrance for the big man – brilliant!

We were effectively running two separate trials on each day – an all ‘off road’ trial and a trial that included some road work – this format was introduced in 2015 and has proved to be a relatively popular option for some riders. The Club organised a free social evening on the Saturday, held at Smallbrook Stadium, a chance to relax and discuss the day’s events whilst sipping some suitable beverages! The Island was hit by some exceptionally barmy weather late on Saturday afternoon that brought torrential down pours throughout the evening and into the early hours of Sunday morning. As a consequence and following an early morning inspection – the decision was taken to close the sections at Knighton and send the course setters at Bembridge out to try to ease back the sections there. Great British weather – don’t you just love it!

There were seventeen different classes on offer over the weekend, the intention was to be as inclusive as possible. The trial also incorporated the ACU Southern Centre Championship too. Some superb riding by so many different riders, far too many to mention here. Island riders managed to tot up seven first, three second and two third place finishes. The best mainland performances came from; Tristan Robinson (class 4) Mark Baldock (class 5) John Long (class 6) Tom Frearson (class 8) Alex Davies (class 13) and Izzy Watmore in class 14. Very well done to all those class winners.

The Club would like to finish by thanking all those that travelled across to our little Island to take part in what now has undoubtedly become one of the premier trials events along the South Coast - and we really hope to see you all again next year.


Wight Two Day Saturday Results:

Knighton and Bembridge

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Results for Saturday 21/04/18.

Sunday's results - and the overall Two Day Results will follow on Monday evening, 23/04/18.

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